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Sunset Veterinary Clinic

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Online Pharmacy

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Our Pet Pharmacy

Sunset Veterinary Clinic provides an in house pharmacy.  We do recognize that our clients want options, convenience and value when it comes to filling prescriptions.  In order to provide safe choices, we have also partnered with our pharmaceutical distributor and created an online pharmacy option.  Medications offered through our pharmacy are guaranteed by the pharmaceutical companies which produce them.  Our clients can rest easy knowing that products offered through this site are not the product of diversion or any other unscrupulous activity.

Online Pharmacy
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Prescribing Medication

Sunset Veterinary Clinic will not prescribe medications for online pharmacies over the phone, facsimile or email.  We will be happy to provide written prescriptions to our clients when requested to do so once we have verified a valid client-patient relationship (as required by law).  As our client you will be able to either pick up the written prescription or we will be happy to mail it to your home.  You may then submit this written prescription to any pharmacy of your choosing.  We encourage all pet owners to think of their pets as “fur people”.  Consider the safety pros and cons of their medications in the same light as you would for your own.