Worms, worms, worms…..

sunset vet clinic pet wormsWorms, worms, worms,….

“Now what kind of worm does my pet have??? Can I get it? Do they poop it, vomit it or spread it by mosquitoes? Can they die from it or do they just get diarrhea?”

At Sunset, we see that the human/animal bond is stronger than ever. Our clients are enriching their lives by choosing to walk side by side with furry creatures who love them unconditionally.

However, with all those kisses and cuddles comes a real risk for disease, especially parasites. Don’t get me wrong, the rewards of pet ownership outweigh the risks a million-billion times over.  However, as your veterinarian part of our job is to educate our clients on how to foster a lifetime of love without putting their health at risk.

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In the small animal veterinary world we often speak of “worms”, “de-worming” and “preventing worms”.  The word “worm” can be used to describe many different types of parasites which cause a wide variety of diseases from diarrhea to heart failure to seizures.  “De-worming” can describe very different treatments as well.

At Sunset Veterinary Clinic, we have the knowledge and tools to prevent “worm” infestation and treat “worms” if they are found.  We believe an open line of communication between owners and their veterinarian is the best way to prevent disease.  As an owner we encourage you to communicate with us as your veterinarians, ask questions and take action against “worms”!

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