What Happens to My Pet if Something Happens to Me

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It’s never anything that someone wants to think about, but it leads to an oft-avoided question: what happens to my pet if something happens to me? Making sure your pets are well cared for if you become incapacitated requires making arrangements now:

1. Select a Short-List of Caregivers

Write a list of trusted family and friends whom you would trust to take good care of your pets if you can’t. Choose folks who have a good relationship with your pets already. Ask two or three of them if they would be willing to assume temporary or permanent guardianship and discuss what that would look like.

2. Extra Keys

Provide an extra set of house keys to your designated guardian so they can get in and feed and care for your pets.

3. Emergency Contact Information

Post important veterinary contact information for your pets someplace where your guardians can easily access it: on the fridge, inside the back door, etc. Also make sure your selected guardians have each other’s contact information, so they can work together to fulfill your wishes. Keep a card in your wallet with information about your pets and their designated guardians if something should happen to you while you’re away.

4. Include Pets in Your Will

Contact your lawyer, or select a reputable online legal will-writing service and make official arrangements that clearly spell out what you want for your pets if something happens to you.

5. Set Some Funds Aside

While writing the will, set aside some money that your designated caregiver can use to help get your pet proper veterinary care, food and whatever else they need as they adjust to a new life.

Also keep your pet’s healthcare up-to-date at Sunset Veterinary Clinic, and let us know what your arrangements are so we can help your pet if the worst should happen. We pray it doesn’t, but it’s always best to be prepared!

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