What Do Cats Do When You’re Not at Home?

What Do Cats Do When You’re Not at Home?

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In the kids movie The Secret Life of Pets (2016), cats left home alone chat with their animal friends, raid the refrigerator, and go on wild adventures. But what do cats really do when they’re left for the day?

Aside from eating and sleeping, turns out they have a few commonly favored activities:

1. Making sure you’re not still there

As soon as you leave, your curious cat will likely double check that you’re not just hiding somewhere else in the house. This usually takes the form of a short walk-around or a patrol, which they’ll continue to conduct periodically throughout the day.

2. Practicing their daily yoga

Like humans, cats like to do a few stretches after waking up from a sleep. Because cats sleep so much throughout the day, it’s not uncommon to find them contorted in various yoga positions as another common pastime. This also helps keep their extremities from going numb.

3. Getting into trouble

If you’ve ever returned home to find treats missing from the kitchen counter, breakables knocked over, or shredded paper scattered throughout the house, you know that cats aren’t averse to a bit of mischief during their alone time.

4. Staring out the window

Lastly, cats can get bored just sleeping, stretching, and messing around, which is why the stimulation of the outside world can be a fascinating pastime. Cats will often settle on windowsills or on the tops of bookcases or couches to watch what’s going on through the windows. If they’re allowed to come and go from the house as they please, they might even take a walk around the neighborhood.

In truth, what your particular feline does while they’re home alone will really come down to their unique nature and preferences. Still, you can confidently assume that their agenda will include at least a few of the above activities. Do you know when your cat’s last checkup was? We like to see our feline patients at least a few times a year to make sure they’re healthy and happy. Call Sunset Veterinary Clinic at (405) 844-2888 today to schedule an appointment.

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