We Are Their Voice: The Importance of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month

Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month
Each April, the annual Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month comes around. While no one should wait for a particular month to become involved, April is still a good time to raise your awareness and become involved.

How Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month Started

The ASPCA uses the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month to raise awareness and drive for donations each year. Funds and awareness go towards informing people about animal cruelty, and how they can do their part to prevent it from occurring.

Awareness can only do so much. The ASPCA and animal lovers would like to see more people become involved with the fight against animal cruelty, in all its forms, around the world.

How to Become Involved

Individuals, groups, businesses, and nonprofits can become involved in several ways.
Take time to learn about animal cruelty
It’s the duty of everybody to report signs of cruelty if they come across them. Signs of animal cruelty can include any of the following:

  • Physical damage, such as cat wounds or dog injuries
  • Animals suffering from parasite infestations
  • Malnourished animals
  • Animals with trouble moving
  • Blatant abuse by a pet owner
  • Tame animals with no shelter
  • Domesticated animals outside in extreme weather
  • Animals left in cars on hot days

Once you know what to look for, you may find signs of cruelty in many places.
Become active with your local shelters
Animal shelters need volunteers. More and more animals are coming through the shelter doors, and the shelters can become overwhelmed. You can make it your business to help. If you’re a group or larger organization, even better. The more people who help and join animal protection groups, the better off the animals in your area will be.
Spread awareness through social media
One of the easiest things you or your business can do is to simply spread the word on your social media profiles. The more friends and followers you have, the more eyes you can turn to the ongoing epidemic of animal cruelty.

Even if you cannot do anymore that, it can serve as the catalyst for other people or groups to start taking action. You can do it with a post, a challenge, a link, or whatever else you want.

Speak to a Local Veterinarian Service for More Information

The Sunset Veterinary Clinic, and many more animal and pet services, stand at the forefront of dealing with the outcomes that come from animal cruelty. They offer medical, dental, surgical services and other forms of pet care. These can include a pet exam, cat wound care, dog injury diagnosis, and various other services that can help animals in need.

Don’t wait until April rolls around to become involved. Every day is a day to raise awareness, make a donation, or do something about animal cruelty.

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