Ways Your Smartphone Camera Can Improve Your Next Vet Visit

Ways Your Smartphone Camera Can Improve Your Next Vet Visit

Smartphone Picture of Dog
Ever needed to describe symptoms about your pet, but you just can’t find the words?

Because our pets don’t have the language to explain how they’re feeling, it’s up to us to do the explaining for them. But this can be tough. Fortunately, we’ve all got something in our pockets or purses that can help: Smartphone cameras.

Here’s how to use them to improve your next vet visit:

1. Take pictures of rashes, cuts, abrasions, and other physical symptoms.

Often, between the time you notice physical symptoms in your pet and your actual vet appointment, problems go away or reduce in size or intensity. While it’s good that things may clear up like this, for recurrent problems and just to know what’s causing the issue in the first place, you should take pictures of any symptoms as soon as they start.

2. Take pictures of excretions.

It’s not very pleasant, but if your pet is having abnormal bowel movements, is vomiting, or is emitting other inconsistent excretions such as snot or slobber, your vet wants to see it. This isn’t a pleasant task but taking pictures of these excretions can be extremely helpful in diagnosing your pet.

3. Use video to show abnormal and (normal) behavior and mood.

Is your pet strangely pacing around, limping, or panting excessively? Any abnormal behavior should be filmed and shown to your vet. Conversely, try to get some film of your pet acting normally as well. This can give some insight into how your dog is on a daily basis so that your vet can see the difference.

4. Use video to show seizures.

Of course, before filming your pet’s seizure, always make sure to follow the necessary seizure safety steps. If you have someone else present to assist, however, you can take a moment to film. This can be very helpful to your vet in diagnosing what’s causing these events.

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