Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Pets

dog in a santa hat

Can you believe that Christmas is just over a month away? Odds are, you’ve been Christmas shopping for a few months now, or at least asking around and getting ideas for your kids, friends, and other loved ones. But what about your pets?

Have you given any thought to a special gift for  your four-legged-companion, or are you sticking with the classic large bone and/or chew toy that you can pick up the night before Christmas? If you’re sick of the latter – and we bet your pet is – then you are more than welcome to steal from our list of unique Christmas gift ideas for pets.

Teeth Cleaning

This might not be the first thing that most pet owners consider, but our very own Danel Grimmett had this to say about considering a teeth cleaning as a Christmas gift: “I know pets enjoy getting treats, and I know their owners feel warm and fuzzy when they buy their pet a new coat or collar; however, from a vet’s point of view, I think a great gift comes from thinking outside the box. What about a dental cleaning? I would love for owners to buy their pet a dental cleaning for Christmas.”

Savings Account

I know you’re probably thinking to yourself: “A savings account? For my pet? Are they crazy?” The short answer is no – we aren’t that crazy.

A savings account is another unique Christmas gift idea for pets that most owners would never think of, but if you have pets that take routine visits to the vet, this could be a game-changer.

Think about it this way:: a lot of families open up an extra savings account just to put money back for annual vacations and occasional trips, and this helps them budget out their checking accounts for groceries, gas, and other daily expenses. A savings account for your pet would work in the same way; it’s a smart move.

Arvest Bank (with branches in Oklahoma and Arkansas) provides several different savings account options. If you’re planning on putting a good amount of money into this savings account, Chase Bank’s Plus Savings might be more beneficial to you. Bank of America offers a Custodial Savings Account option for those who “want to begin saving for a child’s future.” Your pet is basically your child, right?

Treats From Local Dog Bakeries

Christmas time means (for some people) that cookies will be left out for Santa. Those cookies may very well be gone in the morning, but that might be because you own a sneaky (read: hungry, curious, lovable) dog. Why not leave a plate of cookies out for Santa AND a plate of treats specifically made for your dog from a local dog bakery?

Both Barking Dog Bakery in OKC and Treat Dreams in Norman serve up all-natural dog treats year-round!


And national favorite Treat Dreams even has a special section of their website dedicated to Christmas dog treats. Look for grain-free treats for special diets or personalized biscuits for especially clever pets.

From gourmet cookies to specially made cakes, this is a gift that you know your dog will appreciate.

If you want to try making your own dog treats, such as Carob Cranberry Pumpkin cookies, check out Doggy Dessert Chef (@DogDessertChef).

Pet Camera

“Okay, you sold me on the savings account idea, but now you’re proposing that I buy a video camera specifically for my pet?!” Yes. While this purchase is not as practical as a savings account, this just seems like a lot of fun.

camera that goes on pet's collar

The basic concept is simple: Take the video camera and put it on your pet’s collar, record video while you’re out of the house, upload the video when you get home and see what kind of mischief your pet gets into while you’re away.

Are you suspicious of your pet getting on the furniture while you’re gone? Is he/she taking afternoon adventures that you’re unaware of? Are the neighborhood kids messing with your pet when you’re away at work?  This is the perfect opportunity to find out. If your pet is struggling with anxiety, a camera could also be helpful for identifying how those anxieties are triggered.


petchatz for dogs

Think of it as Skype for your pets! A lot of us have to leave our pets at home when we go to work, and that can leave them (and us) emotionally distraught or downright curious. Enter: PetChatz! Just hook the monitor up to your wall and you can not only access video from your home, but also talk to your pet to provide some sort of companionship if/when they start feeling lonely.

Not only can you chat with your pet (oh, PetChatz, we get it!), you can also fill your PetChatz with treats that you can dispense, or you can try out PetChantz Scentz if you want to customize it with your pet’s favorite scents!

Squeaker Dogs Light-Up Leashes

Retailing at $52.45, Poochlight leashes might be a little more expensive than what you’re used to buying for your pets. But hey, it’s Christmas! This is the ultimate LED light-up safety leash. Not only does it look awesome, it’s also practical. It is the longest continuous end-to-end light-up LED dog leash on the market, ranging as far as 47 inches.

Light-up leash for dogsLight-up leash for dogsLight-up leash for dogsLight-up leash for dogs

“But what if my light stops working?” you might ask. Don’t worry! All Poochlight products come with USB charging to keep those leashes glowing.

“I think the leash is a little too much for me,” you might say. Don’t worry! You can spend nearly $20 less and just pick up an LED collar. Your dog (or any pet you may put on a leash) is going to be the coolest (and the safest) on the block.

Sweaters, Raincoats and More

Still not satisfied with this list of unique Christmas gifts for your pets? I think we know what it’s missing: fancy sweaters. Canine Styles out of New York has exactly what you’re looking for. They take pet fashion to the next level by offering cashmere sweaters, wool/corduroy/puffer coats, raincoats, polos and dresses.

Canine Styles isn’t just about fashion, either. They have an assortment of toys, treats, collars, beds, blankets and bowls that are all one-of-a-kind. Where else can you get a Mr. Bill talking dog toy?! Mr. Bill might be saying “oh nooooo,” but we’re saying “oh yessss” to Canine Styles.

Mr. Bill dog chew toyMr. Bill dog chew toy

Brothers and Sisters for Your Pet

We’ve already mentioned PetChatz as a great way to provide companionship to your pet if he/she is home alone. But you know what’s even better companionship? A brother or sister from your local animal shelters, of course.

Not only will your two-plus pets form a lifetime bond, but you will forever be okay with your decision because pets are the best. More pets = more pet snuggles = more love in the house.

Here is a list of a few local animal shelters where you could find your next best friend (did we mention that it’s Adopt-a-Senior-Pet month?):

Christmas isn’t all about the gifts; we know that. It’s a time that should be spent with family and friends, appreciating life and enjoying one  another’s companionship. That said, don’t forget about your ultimate companion during the holidays. Honestly, your pet could not  care less about the gift he or she receives – they just want to be loved and taken care of.


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