Top Human Foods Your Pet Should Stay Away From

Top Human Foods Your Pet Should Stay Away From

While some “human treats” and leftovers are okay for your pets, there are many foods that you should never feed to your dog, cat, or other pets.

Make sure you keep the following away from your pets at all costs: 

Xylitol and Sugar

Used as a common substitute for sugar, xylitol is unsafe for pets because it causes an excess amount of insulin to be released from the pancreas. Xylitol may be found in some peanut butters, gums, candies, and baked goods.

Similarly, do not give your dog foods containing sugar as these will damage their teeth. 


Chocolate is notoriously unsafe for animals. That’s because it contains something called theobromine, which we humans can easily digest, but which pets cannot. If an animal does consume chocolate, the result is a buildup of toxins, which may cause serious problems, ranging from vomiting and diarrhea to internal bleeding and seizures or heart attack. 


Alcohol should never be given to pets as they cannot metabolize it. Giving alcohol to an animal may cause serious digestion problems, abnormal acidity of the blood, depression of the central nervous system, breathing difficulties, and even death. 

Undercooked or Raw Meat, Fish, and Eggs

Like humans, pets are in danger of reacting badly to undercooked or raw meat or eggs, which can harbor harmful E. coli or Salmonella bacteria.

Similarly, meats like ham and bacon that are extremely high in fat may cause pancreatitis (especially in dogs). 

Raisins and Grapes

It’s risky to give a dog raisins or grapes. Much of the time, if a dog consumes these foods, they will not have symptoms. However, they may cause sudden kidney failure if a specific (unknown) toxin is present. 

Are You Concerned About Something Your Pet Ate?

Whether you’re sure your pet’s eaten something they shouldn’t have, or they’re exhibiting possible signs of having done so, it’s important to act quickly. Give Sunset Veterinary Clinic a call immediately at (405) 844-2888 if you are concerned. Our veterinarians will quickly determine the urgency of the problem and take immediate action to ensure the health and safety of your pet.

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