Three Common Injuries in Dogs

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Injured Dog at the Veterinarian

Your dog loves to play! And they probably love to eat, explore, and chew on things as well …

While all of these qualities are generally healthy and safe for your dog, we also know that they can sometimes lead to injuries.

Here are 3 Common Injuries that Happen to Dogs

1. Injuries in the Mouth

Many dogs who like to chew on bones, sticks, and branches may end up with mouth injuries. Bits of these objects can be swallowed, get caught in the roof of the mouth or in the throat, get caught between teeth, or splinter.

Other mouth injuries may be caused by licking or accidentally trying to eat sharp objects, rough playing with other animals, or biting at stinging insects like bees.

2. Abrasions or Lacerations

Essentially cuts and scrapes, these wounds are often caused by rough play or traveling through dense brush.

Abrasions (scrapes) may be caused by your dog sliding over a rough surface like gravel or concrete. Lacerations (clean cuts) could be caused by dog bites, branches, or sharp objects such as glass or rocks. Getting hit by a car is one of the major causes of serious abrasions and lacerations.

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3. Injuries to the Eye

If you notice your dog tearing up, squinting, or pawing at their eye, they may have an eye injury. Other symptoms include swelling, redness, and eye discharge.

Eye injuries in dogs are, again, often caused by traveling through dense brush (with lots of sticks and branches at dog-eye level) or getting into fights or rough play with other dogs (or cats). It can also happen when a dog gets debris in their eye — from hanging out the car window, for example.

Injured Dog

Worried Your Dog Has Been Injured?

All injuries should be looked at by a veterinarian as soon as possible. If you have an injured dog, you can depend on Sunset Veterinary Clinic to quickly and accurately assess the best treatment and care.

Call us immediately if you have an emergency dog injury or any time to book an appointment.

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