The Bowles Puppy Pack

Apr 22, 2014 by

Momma Cholula and her 11 Golden Retriever puppies

Momma Cholula and her 11 Golden Retriever puppies

What is better than one puppy? 11 puppies! We are happy to introduce the newest members of the Sunset Veterinary Clinic family, 11 Golden Retriever puppies born 5 weeks ago to young parents Cholula & Wilson. Owner, Mr. Jim Bowles definitely has his hands full with this Golden family but he is a highly respected dog trainer so they are in the best of hands. Although the Bowles family is now full of puppy love, the litter was an “accident”. If you have pets that are not spayed and neutered, your family may be growing soon as well!

These adorable puppies will be looking for good homes  when they are old enough so if you are interested in adopting one, please contact Jim Bowles at 405-478-3799 for more information.

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