The Benefits of Swimming for Dogs

The Benefits of Swimming for Dogs

Beagle Swimming Pool
Humans love to swim, so why shouldn’t dogs too, right? As it turns out, dogs do love swim!

And the best news? It’s even good for them!

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the top benefits of swimming for your dog:

Top Benefits of Swimming for Dogs

#1 – Low impact exercise

As we all know, dogs need regular exercise to stay healthy. But especially for older dogs or those who are debilitated, swimming is optimal exercise because it’s low impact. Their joints are less likely to get sore from high-impact running, and the water itself can often be soothing for dogs who suffer from arthritis and other pains.

#2 – Freedom from boredom

If your dog lays on the couch all day, they’re probably not just doing that because they want to. They may be bored. That’s because, just like humans, dogs need to stimulation with activities, play, or other dogs or animals to play with. For many dogs, swimming is the perfect solution!

#3 – Relief from the heat

Finally, on days when the weather is especially hot, a dip in the pool or a lake offers your dog a refreshing cool-off.

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