Testimonial by Sue Perry, Edmond

My cousin, a retired veterinarian, told me about Dr. Kennemer a few years ago.  My husband and I had been taking our dogs (2), to another vet in the Edmond area but felt like it was more of an assembly line.  Our first born, Shelby, came from Pets & People in Yukon – 8 weeks old.  Tinker came from a bad environment, we “rescued” her at 6 weeks old.  Both dogs are terrier mixes.  They both were fairly healthy until last year.

Tinker, short and stocky (overweight) and Shelby, (Addison’s Disease).  We have always felt like family at Sunset Veterinary Clinic.  Vickie greets you first.  Then in the examination room – Dr. Kennemer.  He has such a soft and gentle touch with animals.  And we love his new partner, Dr. Grimmett.  Since last year, Shelby has had two leg surgeries and almost died from Addison’s Disease.  After Shelby’s leg surgery, she was slow to recover.  We noticed her spark was not there anymore.  We took her to see Dr. Kennemer – by examining her blood, he discovered one small discrepancy that could have been easily overlooked.  After keeping her all day (Friday) on an IV, we transferred her to an animal hospital for the weekend.  Because of Dr. Kennemer and his staff — Shelby recovered and is now on treatment.  The whole staff at Sunset became involved in her recovery.

Dr. Grimmett sees Tinker.  One of the first things she said conveyed to me was that Tinker was overweight and will die early.  I was so startled, but she was right.  I truly didn’t know how to feed my dog properly.  After changing her diet, with the help of Sunset, Tinker has lost 6 pounds and is more active now.  Dr. Grimmett told me that Tinker will look at me with sad eyes for more food, but I would have to learn how to not feed her so much.  And now it’s a good habit.

We now have Bella (terrier mix).   I found Bella in a local park by my office.  I called Vickie at Sunset that day, they got me right in to have her examined.  They even scanned her for a microchip.  After not finding an owner – she now is part of our family and the Sunset Family as well.

We truly love the staff at Sunset Veterinary Clinic – ……………they don’t just treat animals, they treat their humans as well.