Testimonial by Jill & Barry Jenkins

Dr. Danel Grimmett is the best vet in the world!  My husband’s father died the same day we found out our dog, Cody had ruptured two vertebrae in his back.  We were trying to get my husband’s doctor visits finished so we could travel to West Virginia for the funeral.  Dr. Grimmett called and made the referral to the Veterinary Surgical Center but we were tied up and couldn’t transfer Cody in time for his appointment.

Dr. Grimmett took Cody to the surgery center herself and then waited with him until we could show up.  We were gone for a week and Cody stayed with Sunset during that time.   The care and attention provided by Sunset greatly improved his chances of walking again and leading a normal doggy life.

He’s ahead of schedule in the recovery process and we are sure it’s due in part to the excellent services provided by Sunset Veterinary Clinic.  They have taken care of our pets since 1998 and we couldn’t ask for any group of people more caring and giving to their patients.  Bless you and thank you so much for being our veterinarians.