Spay Day is Good for Everyone: Why Spaying Your Pet is Important

Spay Day is Good for Everyone: Why Spaying Your Pet is Important

Spaying your pet is a personal decision, and an important one for the health and happiness of both your pet and your family. Spaying can affect your pet’s lifestyle and longevity, so take some time to consider the advantages of this simple and effective procedure. You’ll find that a qualified and competent veterinarian can walk you through the pros and cons, and enable you to make the best choice for your family.

Health Considerations

Animal experts generally agree that pets who have been spayed have longer life spans and fewer health complications. An article published by USA Today reveals that female dog spaying provides a 23-percent longer life span over those who have not had the procedure. Unspayed pets also have higher incidences of cancer and mammary gland tumors, and are more likely to develop fatal uterine infections such as pyrometra.


Unspayed pets tend to roam more frequently, increasing danger from vehicle accidents and other animal attacks. They are also more likely to initiate fights with other animals and to engage in undesirable behaviors such as urine- or spray-marking.


Spaying is a relatively inexpensive procedure, compared to the accumulating lifetime costs of treating medical conditions such as cancer, infections, reproductive system issues, and injuries from animal fighting. It can also save you money on pet licensing, as some local laws require higher fees for unspayed or unneutered animals. Spaying a cat or dog eliminates additional costs of unwanted kittens or puppies as well. The American Veterinarian Association encourages spaying as a way to cut taxpayer costs as well, by avoiding public health hazards from unwanted and abandoned pets.

Sunset Veterinarian Clinic provides a safe and professional environment to spay and neuter your beloved pets, with highly skilled veterinarians, assistants and state-of-the-art equipment. We provide a full range of veterinary care, including wellness, injury and illness care, as well as pet surgery, dental services and pet boarding. Call us today to set up an appointment at our spay clinic, or to obtain more information about pricing or appointments. Feel free to stop by for a visit and a consultation with a member of our staff.

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