Setting Up Your Home for Multiple Cats

Multiple Cats at Home

If you are considering having a multi-cat household one of the keys to keeping the peace is to ensure there are enough resources (food, water, litter box, etc) as well as space for everyone. This does not mean that you have to move out of your current home but you might need to make a few changes to the set-up of the environment. Cats are territorial animals which mean you can help the stress by ensuring there are enough resources. Stress can contribute to unwanted habits and a negative impact on your cats’ health. While there is no real way to avoid all possible problems, below are a few tips on how you can help keep the peace.

Litter Boxes

There is a general rule when it comes to litter boxes. You should have one litter box for each cat plus one extra one. In cases where you suspect bullying between cats, make certain the litter boxes are not covered. The cat that is being bullied will need a clear view of the room when using the litter box.

Have Multiple Access Points to Resources

Cats are not the most social animals and they do not like sharing. Keep this in mind when you are choosing the location for resources. Make sure that you spread the resources throughout the house to avoid a situation where they have to compete to gain access. Ensure you set up multiple food stations that are away from the drinking points. Also, make sure that you have enough climbing, sleeping and hiding areas for all the cats.

Create Room for Scratching

Cats do not only scratch so as to keep their claws in top shape but also to mark their territory. You should, therefore, provide plenty of scratching posts in the house so that each cat can claim at least one. It would be considerate of you to place scratchers close to where the cats sleep all over the house. You can also use different scratching surfaces for the cats.

While the idea of having many pets in your home is exciting, you need to plan beforehand. After making your home comfortable for your cats, you need to think of the best pet services. Sunset Vet Clinic offers the best pet services including health exams, preventive care and vaccinations. The staff has been working with pets for over 21 years giving them the expertise to give your pet the best service. Visit our clinic and they will be happy to answer and questions you have.

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