Pet Spotlight: Barley with the Working Dogs for Conservation

Pet Spotlight: Barley with the Working Dogs for Conservation

Barley with the Working Dogs for Conservation

We know that dogs are the best friends of humans, but did you know that they could also help sniff out problems with other wildlife? Today we are learning more about Barley, part of the Working Dogs for Conservation program headquartered in Bozeman, Montana. This nonprofit organization consists of dogs working with their professionals to help sniff out poachers, find endangered wildlife and monitor elusive species in the wild. Their work also helps to stop the overgrowth of invasive species by finding and helping map these biological threats. While Barley loves working, he definitely enjoys his time off!

Helping Find Ferrets in the Wild

Barley is part of a team of dogs that helps handlers like Kayla Fratt find black-footed ferrets whose numbers had been slipping dangerously low in the Arizona deserts. While humans were having a hard time tracking the small ferrets, Barley and other specially trained dogs were able to highlight the locations of the ferrets and help understand their movements. This is only one of the ways that these proactive pooches are helping their human counterparts create a better future for protected species of wildlife.

Running and Jumping and Playing . . . Oh, My!

One of the reasons Barley is so great at his job is because he is an incredibly active breed, with tons of energy. He loves to run on trails, swim, hike and herd other animals. This type of conversation dog is trained specifically to sniff around boats or shipping containers or to walk through an area and indicate that they’ve found a specific scent. He lies down on the ground when he finds what he’s looking for, and then waits for the best part of his day: playtime! Every time he finds the correct scent, he is rewarded with plenty of love and interaction with his handler.

If Barley Could Speak

What would Barley say about the great job he has?

“I love finding all kinds of interesting scents in the world, but I really love making my trainer happy. When she’s happy, I get to chase after balls! My favorite part of my job is when I get to help visitors to national parks understand how important my work is.”

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Pet Spotlight: Barley with the Working Dogs for Conservation - Sunset Veterinary Clinic