Pet Slang Words Every Pet Parent Should Know

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Pet Slang Names

You know that awkward (yet totally cute) position where your pet lies down, tummy to the floor, and legs splayed straight forward and straight back? That’s a sploot.

Never heard of it?

Sploot and other “pet slang” are new to us too! But these terms are just too cute not to share, and they’re popping up everywhere!

Let’s look at a few more pet slang words every pet parent should know.

Pet Slang Words Everyone Should Know


The word derp is used for any pet who is making a “duh” or “dur” expression, usually with a tongue hanging out for dogs. It makes the dog or cat look like they are experiencing confusion, awkwardness, or cluelessness.


Bleps are both quick and subtle. If you happen to catch a cat or dog poking the tip of its tongue past its front teeth, then you’ve seen a blep. No one knows why pets blep every so often, but could be for a quick whiff of the air.


If a dog or cat sticks their cute nose in your face, you know that it is almost impossible to not give it a little tap.  That tap is called a boop. Gently tap on the nose and say “boop” outloud. Using this fun booping nose action, you can form a deeper connection with your pet. It can also be a nice way to greet them.


Nothing else quite says a pet is fully relaxed than when they’re doing a sploot. It’s kind of like a split but for the whole body. Bellies are flat on the floor and their back legs are pointing behind them. Corgis are famous for doing the sploot, but any dog or cat can do it if they’re flexible enough.

Doggo, Pupper, and Woofer

Doggo is everywhere online (it’s even on Merriam-Webster). It simply means dog, but paradoxically, other animals can be doggos too. For example, a seal is a water doggo. Whenever an animal is cute and fun, you can probably call it a doggo!

Pupper and woofer are variants of doggo in that a pupper is (you guessed it) a puppy, and a woofer is a larger, burlier dog.


Snout may be the more technical term for snoot, but they’re really one and the same. Your doggo’s snoot is too cute when peeking through the blankets on your bed or sniffing up over the counter to get a whiff of that freshly baked pizza.


A floof is a dog or cat with lots of fur! These animals tend to have fur that radiates out like a puff ball (a static electricity problem, perhaps). Despite being huge with their floofy hair, however, their snoot is probably pretty small, and their body is likely the same. That means they can still wiggle through tight places and jump up on your lap with ease.


A smol is a super-duper cute, very small pupper or kitten. The term literally means small, but (as we’re sure you can tell), it’s definitely cuter than just boring old small. In order to be a true smol, a pet must be both absolutely adorable and itty bitty.

Pet Slang Words We Use at Sunset Vet


We love smittens! A smitten is a small kitten. We even had an owner name their kitten Smitten after they heard us say it!

Foo Foo

A foo foo is a fancy, fluffy dog – think Gidget from The Secret Life of Pets movie.

Garbage Gut

If a pet’s gastrointestinal tract is very upset, then we say it has a garbage gut. This unfortunate condition is usually because of an unusual meal choice.

Fluffy’s Ride is Here

This is usually called out to let the staff know an owner is here to pick up their pet.

Hot Bottom

If you hear someone say hot bottom at the clinic, it means a pet has a bad case of diarrhea.

Army Crawl

This is when a dog slides around on its belly, like a soldier at boot camp, trying to relieve the itching.

Bootie Scooting Boogie

If we see a dog sliding around to scratch its butt, then we say they are doing the bootie scooting boogie.

Fur Person

Any pet to us is a fur person!

Have Any Pet Slang Terms That You Use?

Got some pet slang words of your own you’d like to share? We’d love to hear the family-friendly pet slang terms you and your family use at home. Share them with us when you’re in for your pet’s next vet visit!

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