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Pet Products at Sunset Vet ClinicHow important are finding the right products for your pet’s long-term health? They are absolutely essential. Sunset Veterinary Clinic offers pet supplies that provide for all your pet’s needs.

Doggy Breath?

Proper dental hygiene is an essential component of your pets’ long term health and well being. Dental disease can severely impact other organ systems including the heart, kidneys, and liver. The veterinarians and staff at Sunset Veterinary Clinic take great pride in educating and supporting our clients’ efforts to be proactive when it comes to avoiding dental disease. At-home dental care involving a proper diet, toothbrushes, oral rinses, and chews can greatly reduce your pets’ need for regular teeth cleaning but when it is needed, we are here. Our veterinarians will evaluate your pets’ dental health as part of their annual wellness exam and advise you when your loved one requires a teeth cleaning.

Picking the right pet food…

Let sound medical knowledge guide you in picking the right food for your pet. Good nutrition is vital to your pet’s health and you as a pet owner need to be informed on what your pet requires to stay healthy and active. With aggressive and sometimes deceptive marketing campaigns, choosing the right pet food can be stressful and confusing. Words like “gluten-free”, “grain-free”, and “all natural” are often used inappropriately. Look to your friends at Sunset Veterinary Clinic to offer medically sound advice as to which diet is appropriate for your pet. And remember more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better.

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