Pet Parents Prioritize Fur Babies’ Happiness Over Their Own

Pet Parents Prioritize Fur Babies’ Happiness Over Their Own

According to a poll published by Chewy, 71% of pet owners said they regularly put their pet’s needs before their own. Chewy, a pet retail company, polled 2000 pet owners through OnePoll to find out how people feel about their furry friends and to understand how people factor in their pets when planning their day-to-day or making big life decisions. We know how much pet owners adore their pets, so, unsurprisingly, the results from the poll reflect that.

What Did the Poll Show?

The poll showed that:

  • 62% of respondents loved their pet so much that they had gotten another pet so that their pet had company (66% said they did it to stop their pet from getting lonely).
  • 78% agreed that the best part of their day was seeing their pet when they returned home from work
  • 62% wished they could bring their pets when they leave either “all of the time” or “most of the time.”

Pets Influence Our Decisions About Every Aspect of Our Lives

The poll showed that pet parents consider their pets when making significant life changes. 37% of respondents took pets into account when deciding where they would live, and 35% of respondents took their pets into account when determining the people they would hang out with.

But our pets also influence our day-to-day decisions about our lives, with 43% saying “yes” to changing plans to include their pets and over 30% saying they love to spend time with their pets by watching a movie together.

Dog and Cat on a Bed

Show Me the Money! How Do Pets Influence Our Spending Choices?

We love to spend time with our pets, but we also love to spend money on them:

  • 46% of pet owners have spent more money on their pets’ health and medical treatment than on their own
  • 36% consider their pet when they spend money

The poll also addresses how pet owners feel about themselves and how they think owning a pet has changed them, with 40% saying they have become more responsible and 32% agreeing that they have become more empathetic.

You can read more about the poll on this Chewy blog.

The Professionals at Sunset Vet Clinic Are Here for You!

You might be thinking about getting another pet to keep your current furry friend company or getting your first pet. Having a pet accept you as their owner is a great responsibility and includes ensuring your furry friend is safe and protected. That starts with regular visits to their vet for shots, as well as understanding their unique needs. The Sunset Veterinary Clinic staff is always happy to offer advice and guidance on any of your questions. Contact us today at 405-844-2888.

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