Why Your Pet Needs To See The Dentist Every Year or More Often

Why Your Pet Needs To See The Dentist Every Year or More Often

It is every pet owner’s responsibility to take proper care of their animal’s health. Did you know that keeping your pets’ teeth clean and healthy is a big part of their overall wellness? Having clean teeth works to keep your pets comfortable, eating regularly, and can even boost their life span. Good dental care starts at home but it also must include regular visits to your veterinarian.

Pet Dental Care You Can Do At Home

The most important thing you can do to ensure your pets’ dental health is to perform regular, at-home maintenance. This includes feeding a proper diet, brushing their teeth and periodically checking for any problems. Some animals don’t mind their teeth being brushed, but others may not like it. You veterinarian can share helpful hints on ways to make brushing fun for your pet.

Dog With Toothbrush

How Often to Have Your Pet’s Teeth Professionally Cleaned

Veterinarians recommend that you have your animal’s teeth checked by a professional at least once a year, though they may recommend more frequent exams as your pet gets older. Certain breeds are more likely to have dental problems. These pets may need more frequent dental checks as well. Regular dental exams will allow your veterinarian to detect potential problems early.

When a dental cleaning is indicated, your veterinarian or a trained member of their staff will remove any tartar and plaque buildup. He will also examine the gum-line and address any problems present such as overgrown gingival tissue, masses and extractions needed. Don’t worry about the procedure being upsetting to your pets; both cats and dogs are under general anesthetic during a dental cleaning. Pain medications will also be prescribed if needed.

Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning

It’s estimated that over 80% of dogs who are three years or older have some form of serious dental issue such as periodontal disease. Some breeds of dogs are more likely to suffer from cracked or broken teeth and bleeding gums. Regular dog dental cleaning is essential to prevent this costly and potentially very dangerous conditions.

Felines can have all the same dental problems as dogs and are just as likely to need regular cat teeth cleaning. Some products like special treats can help, but it is also recommended that your cat have a dental examination at least once a year.

Time to Brush Up on Your Pets Dental Care

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