Pet Emergency Checklist

We live in the Great State of Oklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plains bringing tornados and wildfires. On occasion, our homes will even shake in the evening!

In the event of a natural or manmade disaster it is important to keep an emergency disaster kit ready and easily accessible for your pets.

Assemble a Pet Emergency Preparedness Kit

Keep your pet’s essential supplies in sturdy containers that can be easily accessed and carried (a duffle bag or covered trash containers, for example). Your pet emergency preparedness kit should include:

  • Medications and medical records (stored in a waterproof container) and a First Aid kit.
  • Sturdy leashes, harnesses, and/or carriers to transport pets safely and ensure that your animals can’t escape.
  • Current photos of your pets in case they get lost. Placing a microchip in your pet greatly improves your chances of being reunited.
  • Food, drinkable water, bowls, cat litter/pan, and a manual can opener.
  • Information on feeding schedules, medical conditions, behavior problems, and the name and number of your veterinarian in case you have to foster or board your pets.
  • Pet bed or toys if easily transportable.

This checklist was adapted from the American Red Cross. For more information on how to prepare your family in case of an emergency, contact Sunset Vet Clinic for more details or visit the American Red Cross website.


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