Patriotic Paws: Pets Celebrating the 4th of July

Patriotic Paws: Pets Celebrating the 4th of July

Who is ready for a holiday?! I know we are, and so are our pets. We all love the 4th of July. It’s the only holiday that allows us to lay on our beach towels beside a pool and soak up the sun during the day, and then lay on those same beach towels in the middle of a field at night while watching an awesome fireworks display. Remember to bring your pets in for the fun; unless they don’t like loud noises, then please don’t take them to the fireworks show. We’ve gathered up a collection of our favorite pictures and videos of ‘patriotic paws,’ so I hope you enjoy! Everyone have a great holiday!

Sunset Vet 4th of July, Puppies with the American Flag

Patriotic Puppies!

cat in a patriotic top hat

Top of the meow’nin to ya! No? Okay.

patriotic dog with wrinkles

Mr. Wrinkles needs your vote in the next election.

excited, patriotic dog

Better than a car ride.

Ferret with American flag

Ferrets need love, too!

grumpy cat with American flag


dog asleep on american flag

Somebody partied too hard.

kitten in a flag cup

“I’m…pretty confused right now.”

And finally, if you plan on going to the lake, please remember to take your pet and videotape every second of it. Here is the Corgi Flop:

Have a great holiday and remember to BE SAFE!!!

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