October 29 is National Cat Day

Didga - Cat With the Most Tricks - National Cat Day
National Cat Day started 12 years ago by a lovely human animal welfare advocate, Colleen Paige, to remind everyone that 4 million cats cycle through shelters annually—half of whom meet a sad end. National Cat Day founders want everyone to realize cats are divine creatures with sharp wit and stunning intelligence who improve the home of every family lucky enough to host one. If you need a cat in your life (who doesn’t?) visit your local shelter to celebrate! And pass the catnip while you get to know of some amazing kitties in honor of National Cat Day:


Cats are not known for obedience training (unless you count cats training their humans to obey them), but Aussie shelter rescue Didga holds the Guinness World Record for a cat who can do 20 impressive tricks—including an adorably smooth skateboard jump!



This loud and proud rescue kitty from England made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for having the loudest purr—67.8 decibels! That’s somewhere between an air conditioner and a dishwasher!



This massive Maine Coon from England is almost almost 4 feet long! You’ve probably seen pictures of his human holding him and wondered if they were Photoshopped. They weren’t!



Lilieput is a Munchkin from California who’s currently the shortest living cat in the world. She’s only 5.25 inches from shoulder to floor. Life wasn’t always grand for Lilieput, who was rescued as a stray by her loving owner who ignored other people’s labels of Lilieput as a “freak”.

And that’s the spirit all of us at Sunset Veterinary Clinic want to celebrate for National Cat Day! See the fabulousness in all of those shelter cats out there, and maybe bring one home to be your amazing feline friend forever!

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