November is “Pet Diabetes Awareness Month”

November is “Pet Diabetes Awareness Month”

Human diabetes mellitus or “sugar diabetes” is an epidemic in America.  Most Americans have been exposed to this disease in some way.  Many have it and those who don’t likely know someone who does.

With this being said many pet owners are not aware that dogs and cats can develop diabetes mellitus.  In fact, diabetes in pets is on the rise.  This rise is likely due to these factors:

  • Obesity is one risk factor owners can avoid by being proactive and keeping their pet at a healthy weight.
  • Annual Wellness Visits will allow owners to work closely with their veterinarian and keep them informed about any changes in behavior or physical characteristics if they occur.

November is Pet Diabetes Month

Some warning signs owners should look for include excessive thirst and urination, excessive hunger while losing weight, lethargy, and a poor hair coat.  Cataracts are a common side effect of diabetes as well.

We encourage our clients to have an open line of communication with our staff.  Early diagnosis of diabetes mellitus can lead to better control and better overall quality of life.

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