National Pet Week: Seven Days to a Healthier, Happier Pet

Well, at Sunset Veterinary Clinic every week is National Pet Week. But the rest of the country is celebrating May 1 through 7. The week is dedicated to celebrating America’s more than 200 million pets that enrich our lives and to encourage responsible pet ownership every day of the year.

So no matter if your best friend is a cat, dog, hamster or miniature horse, here are a few ways you and your companion can get into the spirit of this special week.

Sunday: Take Fido to the park.
To kick of the week treat you and your best friend to special day at the park. The OKC metro has countless great dog parks. Preparing your pet to enjoy a variety of interactions with other animals, people, places and activities is all part of responsible pet ownership, and that’s what National Pet Week is all about. Not a dog person? A special treat or extra snuggles for the cat will get the message across and are a good kickoff to a fun week.

Monday: Emergencies happen. Be prepared.
With Oklahoma in the midst of storm season, it is a good time to think about the safety of all family members. Include your pets in your family’s emergency plan. Have a plan for what to do and whom to call should a family pet get lost during a storm or other emergency. Always have your vet’s number handy.

Tuesday: A fat pet isn’t a happy pet.
Knowing that 52.7 percent of dogs and 57.9 percent cats in the United States considered overweight should make us all rally and step it up. Take advantage of the nice spring weather and get in some extra exercise in for your pet and for you.

Wednesday: Schedule your pet’s next check-up.
Love your pet, see your vet! Yet 53.9 percent of cat owners and 48.6 percent of dog owners do not take their pet to the veterinarian unless it is seriously sick or injured. Preventative care saves lives. Regular check-ups are vital to making sure you and your pet will have a long and health life together.

Thursday: Spaying and neutering your pet is good for the entire community.
According to the Oklahoma Humane Society, more than 17,000 dogs and cats are euthanized in Oklahoma City Animal Shelter every year simply because there are not enough homes. A compassionate community knows there is an alternative.

Friday: Be a better pet parent.
National Pet Week raises awareness of responsible pet ownership. Evaluate the care you give your beloved pet. Is his diet still right for his age? Does she get enough exercise? Are all your pet’s shots and preventative treatments up to date? We all get busy and into a rut. It’s good to take a time out every now and then and think about it, and adjust accordingly.

Saturday: We know you love your pet. Let’s support the homeless pets in the community.
Consider volunteering at your local shelter or donate supplies or cash to one of our great animal organization. From shelters to rescue organizations, it’s a way to support the pets that aren’t lucky enough to have a forever home.

Celebrate them this week, but give them a lifetime of love. Happy National Pet Week, Everyone!

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