Molly Provides Therapy with a Smile for the Alliance of Therapy Dogs

Molly Provides Therapy with a Smile for the Alliance of Therapy Dogs

Dogs have been found to make trauma victims and people with illnesses feel at ease. Humans’ mental and physical health improves remarkably in the presence of trained therapy and support dogs because the sense of connection between dogs and man reduces stress.

Enter Molly! Molly is a Sheltie rescue adopted by St. Luke’s member Pam Harris.  She’s a registered therapy dog who especially loves spreading cheer to hospital patients and staff. We recently got in touch with her owner, Pam Harris, for a better insight into her and Molly’s journey through Oklahoma hospitals.

Molly’s Typical Day When Not Therapy Dog Visiting

Molly is an integral “pawfessional” of the Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD) who has found a home in Oklahoma. She is a sheltie rescue and was adopted from the Humane Society of Southeast Texas when she was only four. When she isn’t providing therapy, she is definitely sleeping on Pam’s bed, eating or responding to fans.

Molly of the Alliance of Therapy Dogs

Molly Preparing for Her Daily Therapy Activities

Brushing Molly’s fur and trimming paws is an essential part of the preparation because hugs and touches from dogs are more comforting when they’re groomed. Dressing up is tricky for Molly, as she isn’t exactly a fan of dressing; however, she fancies bandanas and has an entire drawer full of them! She knows it’s therapy time when she sees her ATD ID tag and her “therapy dog” pink harness.

“I Can Sure Use a Therapy Dog, My Family Too”

The most memorable encounters are when we meet someone at the right time — just when they need comforting. During one of our recent therapy visits to the University of Oklahoma Medical Center, Molly and I crossed paths with a woman leaving the ICU with her granddaughter. I asked her if she needed Molly’s company, to which she agreed. She disclosed her husband was a car crash victim and would be taken off life support later that day. She added that the patient’s relatives were in the waiting room and could use Molly’s help. In the brief moment Molly spent with them, she provided respite.

Molly of the Alliance of Therapy Dogs

If Molly Could Speak . . .

What would Molly say about the great job she has?

“Making people smile and forget about their worries, even for a moment, is a superpower I cherish so much. I love seeing people feel so much better.”

Dogs are man’s best friend and are growing to be much more. How well they feel influences their reactions towards you and others.

Get to know Molly better by visiting her Facebook page! There are tons of photos of her helping people all around Oklahoma.

Molly of the Alliance of Therapy Dogs Facebook Page
Alliance of Therapy Dogs

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