Meet Marlin, the Unofficial Captain of the Lady Washington

Meet Marlin, the Unofficial Captain of the Lady Washington

Marlin (or “Captain,” as he’s affectionately nicknamed) is a nearly three-year-old male cat who was a stray when he was first adopted. Considered the hunter around Grays Harbor, he loves hunting mice and exploring! He has a blue fish that he enjoys playing with and, like many felines are, he’s a big fan of laser pointers. Marlin loves to sail and explore all around Grays Harbor when he gets the chance to; however, his tendency to disappear can sometimes scare his owners.

The people of Grays Harbor love it when Marlin gets to visit them, though the pandemic hasn’t allowed him to get out as much these days. He loves interacting with people and has been known to pose regularly for pictures.

Causing Trouble on Base

Marlin’s owner, Brandi Bednarik (Executive Director of Grays Harbor Historical Seaport) shared that he tends to be a bit of a troublemaker. When the family was located in Everett, Marlin broke into the Navy base in the middle of the night and was terribly upset when told to leave. The base called the Captain who wasn’t particularly thrilled to be woken up in the middle of the night. Marlin made his escape from the base and arrived back onboard while they were still searching for him, found sleeping at a crew member’s feet. He’s also quite proud of his hunting skills, frequently showing up with mice for the office staff.

If Marlin Could Speak

If Marlin could speak, his owner knows wholeheartedly that he would say he loves his life! He gets to meet lots of people, take part in fun adventures and sailing. He’s often found running around the gift shop onboard.

About Lady Washington

The Lady Washington was launched on March 7, 1989, and was built in Aberdeen, Washington. Grays Harbor Historical Seaport launched the Lady, which is a not-for-profit public development authority. Lady Washington is an exact replica of the original ship. Hers was the first American ship to land on the west coast of North America in 1788.

Among the first ships to visit Honolulu, Hong Kong, and Japan, she was a pioneer in the Pan-Pacific trade. Traditionally built by skilled shipwrights, the modern Lady Washington was thoroughly researched and constructed after years of research by historians. Her launch coincided with the state’s centennial celebrations in 1989.

Lady Washington has appeared in many television shows and several motion picture films, including Star Trek: Generations, Revolution, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl and Once Upon A Time.

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