Losing Fur Over Holiday Stress

Losing Fur Over Holiday Stress

Here are 5 tips to help reduce stress in your pets.

Oh my, here it comes!  That joyful time of year from Halloween to New Year’s Day we call the Holiday Season.  We love it!  Family, friends, FOOD and fun.   While we often look forward to this time of year, it can be very stressful for people and pets!  Our little “fur people” can start morphing into unknown creatures;  urinating, barking, chewing, hiding.  They express stress in non-verbal ways.  How can we help?  Here are a few tips:Gertie-deer

1. Routine, routine, routine.  Keep your “cuddly companions” on a schedule.  Ensure that walks, feeding times, playtime and other activities still take place on schedule.  As with human children, routines promote safety and self-confidence.

2. Keep your stress under control.  Pets develop deep bonds with their owners and can read our body language.  They appear to have a sixth sense and will feed off of our anxiety.  Try to keep it together!  Exercise is a good way to reduce stress for you and your pet.

3. Safe zones.  Holidays often mean high traffic.  Consider giving your little “fuzzy buddy” a safe area such as a room where visitors are not allowed to enter and they can have time to themselves.  Cats often respond well to having a little quiet time.

4. Be aware of holiday dangers.  As owners, we need to be mindful of holiday hazards such as decorations, “people food” and unsupervised children.  Serious accidents and illnesses can be avoided with a little prevention.

5. Talk with a veterinarian. A pre-holiday checkup to make certain your little friends are healthy, fully vaccinated and receiving proper parasite control is always a good idea.  A veterinarian will often be able to give good advice for stress relief based on your little ones’ individual needs.

Sunset Veterinary Clinic hopes you enjoy the Holiday Season and please be mindful of the little ones!

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