Lily is a Pawsitively Perfect Fit for the Alliance of Therapy Dogs

Lily is a Pawsitively Perfect Fit for the Alliance of Therapy Dogs

While all dogs are inherently lovable, it takes a special temperament and demeanor to become a therapy dog certified by the Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD). Today, we meet one such special dog, Lily, a 6-year-old Great Pyrenees mix, who was adopted from the Humane Society by her owner Nina McPherson M.Ed., a Middle School Counselor at Heritage Hall School.

Therapy Dogs Make a Big Impact in Schools

After seeing the “pawsitive” effects of therapy dogs in her community, Nina felt compelled to get Lily certified through the ATD. After two months of evaluation and five months of training, Lily was officially certified to visit Nina’s middle school students. According to Nina, Lily’s effect on students is heartwarming, and she shares that people will immediately tell her about their own dogs or pet her fluffy fur!

While Lily and Nina have only been volunteering for two months, Nina says that she is excited about having Lily visit her school more often in the future. Nina shares what the only challenge for her might be: “I teach some during the day, so it’s hard to manage a dog and a classroom full of students.”

Lily of the Alliance of Therapy Dogs

Lily Seems to Love Her Life as a Therapy Dog

When not helping students at Heritage Hall School, Lily likes to sleep, play fetch or go on walks. She also loves to snuggle up on the couch with her people and play with her favorite frog and raccoon toys. If Lily could speak about the great job she has, Nina thinks she would say, “I love getting out of the house and getting extra pets!”

Therapy dogs like Lily have such an amazing impact on the daily lives of schoolchildren. For example, a University of California study involving canine reading programs revealed that student participants experienced their reading fluency increasing by 12% to 30%.

Lily of the Alliance of Therapy Dogs

Sharing the Joy with Others

Nina is passionate about her volunteer work with Lily on behalf of ATD. She wants others to know that any breed of dog can become a therapy dog as long as it’s got a calm demeanor and personable personality. There are several therapy dog programs in Oklahoma, with the H.A.L.O. project and ATD being the two most popular. She encourages anyone interested to learn more to visit the ATD website for more information.

Alliance of Therapy Dogs

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