Just How Old A Doggie Are You?

As veterinarians we often get asked the question “Does a dog really age 7 years for every one human year?”  This is a popular theory but not really accurate.

The fact is that dogs age very rapidly during the first two years of their life.  In fact by 2 years of age, they have matured to a level equal to a 24 year old human.  Beyond that point, different breeds age at different rates.

The general rule is that the larger the dog the more rapidly they age.  For example a Great Dane is often considered to be a “senior” by the time it is 5 years old.  In contrast, a Chihuahua is still in his prime at 8 years old.

It is kind of fun and informative to have an understanding of your “furry friends” stage in life.  The chart below gives a general guideline for estimating your dogs age:


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