Is Your Pet Ready for Swimsuit Season?

As we look forward to Spring, people often start focusing their efforts on getting back into “swimsuit shape”.  As your veterinarians, Dr. Kennemer and Dr. Grimmett would like for our clients to take a moment to assess their furry family members’ weight as well.

National statistics reveal that over 50% of household dogs and cats are overweight or obese.  That is a HUGE number!  All too often we hear our clients tell us that they didn’t realize their little buddies were getting fat until it seemed obvious all at once.

As humans we have to get dressed every day and as a result small to moderate changes in weight become obvious when you fasten your belt or button your shirt. Obesity in our dogs and cats can sneak up on us.

Obesity in pets is very troubling because it results in more of our furry friends suffering from weight-related diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney disease.  These conditions can impact our pets’ quality of life and shorten their life expectancy.

Please take a moment to assess your pets’ body condition.

BCS chart

If you realize that you have an overweight pet it is your responsibility to help them achieve a healthy weight.  After all, they are not driving themselves to McDonald’s.

As your veterinarians, we can help you achieve your friends’ weight loss goal.  We can assess your pet for medical conditions such as hypothyroidism which can result in weight gain.  We can also help you develop a diet and exercise plan customized to fit your family members’ health needs and your lifestyle.

Please remember Sunset Vet Clinic is here for you and your furry family members.  We wish you a healthy and happy 2013!

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