Indoor Activities to Keep Your Pet Busy in Winter

Bored Cat on Couch
In Oklahoma, the nippy weather and shorter days of winter means much more staying inside — which for pets, can be a challenge.

To keep your pets busy, active, and occupied this winter, give these fun indoor activities a try:

1. Snuggle up together.

You’re planning on snuggling up on the couch anyway, right? Why not invite your dog or cat? Grab a blanket and spend some cozy time together.

2. Plant some cat-friendly plants.

Cats enjoy chewing on and rubbing against plants like catnip and rosemary (both safe herbs for cats). Try planting some around your house to appeal to their interest.

3. Teach tricks. Play tricks.

If your dog already has a few tricks up their sleeve, have a show-off session, and give treats for a job well done (or just for participation). If your dog doesn’t know any tricks just yet, you can also take this time to teach a few of the basics. Try any of these: sitting and staying, fetching, hand-shaking, high-fiving, or catching treats mid-air.

4. Try cat videos (yep, these exist).

Surprising or not, there are now cat DVDs for sale that feature cat-centric “shows” about such things as laser pointers, scurrying mice, and flying birds.

5. Have a play date with other pets.

Consider taking your pet to a friend’s house who also has a pet — or vice versa. Just make sure everyone will get along safely and amicably.

6. Get some grooming in.

This might also be a good time to groom your pet. Just as it is for us, it can feel cramped and depressing for pets to be indoors all of the time. Lucky for humans, we can bathe to feel refreshed, but animals don’t quite have that luxury, so giving them a little pamper and grooming time can be beneficial.

7. Leave blinds and curtains open when you have to be gone.

Finally, make sure your pets are entertained when you leave the house as well. A good way to do this is to leave the blinds and curtains open so that your dog or cat is able to see what’s going on outside.

8. Try a food puzzle toy.

Our very own Dr Lucas White recommends a food puzzle toy, such as a Kong Wobbler, where the pet has to manipulate the toy so it will drop food out for them. This can help with boredom, mental health, and help control calorie intake as well. Multiple puzzles can be placed around the house for cats to “hunt.”

Try all of these entertainment ideas for your pet this winter season — they’ll thank you for it!

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