In the News: Affection from a Dog Really Is Medicinal

In the News: Affection from a Dog Really Is Medicinal

They say that man’s best friend is a dog, but did you know that dogs could be a doctor’s best friend as well? A recent study has revealed that therapy dogs can help reduce pain in the emergency room. In addition, the research found that the patients who interacted with the therapy dogs experienced clinically significant changes in pain, as well as significant changes in anxiety, depression and well-being.

Dogs Can Help with Mental Health Issues and More

As dog lovers everywhere have long suspected, canine affection cures all ills and also provides a bit of optimism for patients and health care providers struggling to manage scarce hospital resources amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The researchers asked more than 200 patients in the ER to rate their pain on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being the most severe). The study’s control group did not receive any pain relief, while participants in the other group received 10 minutes of time with a therapy dog, during which patients rated their pain levels again. Patients in the therapy dog group reported less pain and relieved mental health symptoms like anxiety.

Dogs Can Help Soothe Hospital Patients and Those at Home

Patients’ pain may be exacerbated by the emergency room experience. It is often made worse by bright lights, long waits, anxiety and a focus on immediate, acute conditions. However, pain is also a social experience. The way we experience pain can be influenced by anxiety, depression and having support or being dismissed. We can feel better when we spend time with animals that bring us joy and don’t invalidate our feelings.

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