How to Keep Dogs Healthy in the Summer

Dog With Owners in Summer
Summer means hot temps and some uncomfortable days and nights for both humans and animals.

But where humans can decide to keep cool by staying indoors in the air conditioning and taking cold showers, dogs don’t have so many options. And of course… they’re wearing fur!

That’s why it’s up to you as your dog’s owner to keep your pup cool, comfortable, and safe. Here are 5 tips for doing just that:

1. Keep cool water available at all times.

Like humans, dogs need to stay hydrated when it’s hot out. Make sure they have cool water both indoors and outdoors and refresh it often as it will warm up quickly in the heat.

2. Absolutely never leave your dog in the car.

As you know, cars heat up extremely quickly when the AC’s not blasting. Even if you’re just “running into the store for a minute,” you should never leave your dog in a parked car alone. This is how terrible accidents occur.

3. Get some booties for your doggy.

Dog booties can be purchased at any pet store and are great for reducing your pet’s paw discomfort when they have to walk on hot pavement, sand, or other ground covering.

4. Dog digging holes? That’s a good thing.

You may notice that your dog’s digging holes in the yard. Don’t be alarmed! Dogs often do this because underground — even just a few inches or a foot down — the dirt is much cooler. Allow your dog to dig a hole somewhere in the shade, and they’ll be quite happy, even when it’s hot.

5. Stay up-to-date with check-ups and shots.

Finally, make sure your dog has been to the vet for their annual visit! Our veterinarians at Sunset Veterinary Clinic are always here to have a look at your pup and make sure he’s happy and healthy. Book your appointment today!

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