Happy DOGust! Here Are Ways to Celebrate the Universal Birthday of Shelter Pets

Happy DOGust! Here Are Ways to Celebrate the Universal Birthday of Shelter Pets

Do you have a shelter dog who’s a member of your family? Ever get the question, “How old is your dog?”

Sometimes with shelter and rescue pups, it can be difficult to pinpoint an exact birth date — but that doesn’t mean your canine friend doesn’t have a birthday. And it certainly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate!

“DOGust” is August 1st, and it’s a holiday that was created especially for shelter and rescue dogs by the North Shore Animal League. DOGust aims to provide a universal birthday for all of these dogs.

Ready to celebrate? Here are some ideas to get you started!

Dog Panting

4 Ideas for Celebrating DOGust This Year

Spread the Word About Dog Adoption

Start by snapping some photos of your precious family addition and sharing them on social media. Tell your story, and spread the word about the goodness that is rescue and shelter dog adoption.

Bake Some Dog Treats

Want to make something delicious (and healthy) for your birthday dog? Find recipes online and bake up a pet-friendly cake or treats. Just make sure to be smart and safe.

Have a Party with Your Dog’s Friends

As long as you believe your dog and your friends’ dogs will get along, create a dog party and allow your pup to have a day of play with their friends. If you don’t have a fenced in yard, consider having a get-together at a local dog park.


Consider giving back to the shelter and rescue community by volunteering at your local shelter. They’re always in need of assistance, and just a few hours can make a world of difference for pups who are still looking for homes.

Has your rescue dog had a check-up lately? It’s important that all pets see a vet at least once a year to be weighed, have necessary shots, and get checked out overall.

Book your pup’s check-up appointment today at Sunset Veterinary Clinic!

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