Halloween Pet Costume Contest Voting

Scroll through the pictures and vote on your favorite at the end of the post!

#1 – Nova as a Shark

dog dressed as shark

#2 – Ember as a Lion

dog dressed as a lion

#3 – Lulu as a Hotdog

dog dressed as hotdog

#4 – Blu as Princess Leia

dog dressed as princess leia

#5 – Clyde as a Southern Belle

dog dressed as southern belle

#6 – Frankie as a Pirate

dog dressed like a pirate

#7 – Mini & Cooper as a Ladybug & Bee

dogs dressed as a ladybug and a bee

#8 – Lucas as a Charro

dog dressed as a charro

#9 – Matching Witches

dog dressed as a witch

#10 – Murry and Josey Wales

dog dressed as a horse

#11 – Nova as a Sock Monkey

Dog dressed as a sock monkey.

#12 – Quella La Roux is ready for dog duty

dog in the army

#13 – Reese as a Caterpillar

dog dressed as a caterpillar

#14 – Scuba Dogs

dogs in scuba gear

#15 – SuperJake

dog dressed like superman

#16 – Shadow as a Cappuccino

starbucks dog

#17 – Ernie as a Turtle

Dog dressed as a turtle

#18 – Luna as a Devil Dog

Devil Dog


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