Dog Parks of the Metro with Charlie the Corgi, Pt. 1

Dog Parks of the Metro with Charlie the Corgi, Pt. 1

Hello, everyone! This is my first post with Sunset Veterinary Clinic, so I’d like to introduce myself: My name is Alex Joseph; I’m a digital marketing specialist that happens to be working with SVC, but, most importantly, I’m a lover of all animals (especially my dog).

Meet Charlie. Charlie the Corgi, Pembroke Welsh CorgiCharlie is a 2-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Charlie loves: stealing socks, playing tug-of-war, drinking out of the bathtub faucet, and barking at dogs that are bigger than him (which is almost every dog). Charlie hates: German Shepherds (I don’t get it), not getting all the attention, being picked up out of the bathtub, and cleaning up after himself (so lazy).

Over the course of three days, my best friend and I traveled to four of the metro-area’s finest dog parks. Charlie is a high-energy pup that loves chasing other dogs in wide-open spaces. Dog parks (and the rides in the car to-and-from the dog parks) are the best things in the world to him, so he had a great time.

We’ll eventually get to all the dog parks of the metro, but let’s begin with a small, secluded dog park tucked away into one of Norman, OK’s finest car dealerships. Here are the pros and cons of this neighborhood dog-hangout:

“Dog Park” at David Stanley Chevrolet – Norman, OK

David Stanley Chevrolet dog park in Norman, OK

This was our first stop, and after hearing that a car dealership had a dog park, I was excited to see what it was all about. Unfortunately, it was a little underwhelming. Granted, I don’t know what I expected, as there isn’t enough room for a “real” dog park in the corner of their parking lot. Instead, this was more like a backyard with a chain-linked fence.

David Stanley Chevrolet dog park in Norman, OK bench

It wasn’t terrible, though. There is a nice, shaded bench to sit on, and the enclosed area is landscaped well; however, I really think this is used more for David Stanley Chevrolet’s movie nights (yes, that actually happens), or for when you can’t pawn your dog off on anyone else while you go car-shopping. The dog park is tucked away into the corner of the parking lot, so it’s a good hike from the entrance of the dealership. I recommend not wearing heels if you’re planning on visiting.

David Stanley Chevrolet in Norman, OK movie nightDavid Stanley Chevrolet dog park in Norman, OK parking lot


  • The grass is freshly cut, and the entire park is landscaped well.
  • There’s a nice, shaded bench that sits in the center of the park.
  • If you have your kids with you, there’s a pretty big playground right next to the dog area. (What does this dealership NOT have?)

David Stanley Chevrolet dog park in Norman, OK playground


  • Virtually no parking next to the dog park, so you’ll likely have to walk to it from the dealership.
  • Not a lot of breathing room. If you aren’t the only person there with your dog, it could get crowded.
  • Not very peaceful. The dog park is positioned right next to Lindsey St. and I-35. Lots of traffic.

Be on the lookout for next week’s post, as Charlie and I stay in Norman to visit a much bigger dog park. 

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