Can I Give Them “People Food”?

Some forms of “people food” are okay to feed to your dog. We even encourage owners to give their furry friends fresh veggies and fruit such as baby carrots, green beans or apple slices. These snacks can serve as great low calorie substitutions for commercial treats.

On the flipside, there are many people foods which can earn your furry friend a trip to the emergency room.

Raisins and grapes: These little bits of fruit can lead to kidney failure. No one really knows why but some dogs are sensitive to them. The risk of a potentially fatal reaction has resulted in the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center advising against giving any amount of grapes or raisins to any dog.
Onions and garlic: Consuming onions or garlic causes damage your pets’ red blood cells which can lead to life-threatening anemia if not treated in a timely manner.

Macadamia nuts: Feeding macadamia nuts to your pet often results in tremors, muscle weakness, and vomiting. Although uncommon, ingestion of these treats can be fatal.

Chocolate: Most people know that chocolate can be toxic to pets. However, chocolate is less toxic than many other foods. A good rule of thumb: The smaller the dog and the darker the chocolate, the more dangerous the combination. Chocolate toxicity can be as mild as a stomach ache or as severe as liver failure and death.

Sugar-free gum and candy: If you look at the ingredient list on your favorite sugar-free gum or candy and it lists xylitol as a main ingredient, please beware. Keep these treats out of your dogs reach. Tiny amounts of xylitol when eaten by a dog will result in severe hypoglycemia and liver failure. Death is very common after ingestion. Xylitol is also sold in its pure form in many health food stores as an alternative to sugar.

Calories in general: Always remember that treats count as food too. They add calories to your pets’ diet. In the United States, over ½ of our dogs and cats are overweight or obese. Therefore simply overfeeding your dog can be hazardous to their health.

If you want to explore healthy people food treats for your furry friend, we will be happy to help you figure out which foods are okay and which are not. Just give us a call at Sunset Vet Clinic.

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