Ask the Vet: Why Does My Pet Eat Grass?

  Many of you probably read Dr. Ruby’s excellent article on pets that eat poop, but this may have brought up another question in your mind-why does my dog or cat eat grass? Hopefully this article will answer this question and provide a little insight into this weird behavior.   1. It is Actually a

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National Greyhound Adoption Month

  Did you know that April is Greyhound Adoption Month? Put on by The Greyhound Project, this endeavor aims to raise awareness about greyhounds — often retired racers — who desperately need homes. If you and your family have been considering adoption, greyhounds are a calm and good-natured breed to consider, and April could be

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Ask the Vet: Why Is My Dog Eating Poop?

  Dog owners frequently want to know why their dogs are consuming either their own or other pets’ feces. And it’s a good question! Indeed, it’s not uncommon for dogs to consume fecal matter (poop), and this odd behavior even has a name: Coprophagia. Practically speaking, coprophagia or the canine consumption of fecal matter isn’t

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