Best Pet-Friendly Cities to Take a Road Trip To

Best Pet-Friendly Cities to Take a Road Trip To

Golden Retriever on a Road Trip with Head Out the Window

Hitting the road anytime soon? Why leave your furry friends at home when you can take them with you!

All you need to do is make sure your destinations are pet friendly. The following is a list of cities known for being absolutely wonderful for visiting pets.

Boston, Massachusetts

Learn American history while exploring the best of Boston’s shops and restaurants and getting some exercise! Boston’s Freedom Trail is ideal for groups with pets as it’s simply a self-guided walking tour around the city. Need a place to stay? Pet-friendly hotels abound. The XV Beacon even has personalized dog treats, a doggie room service menu, and doggie-bed turndown service — fancy!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The “City of Brotherly Love” meets “Man’s Best Friend.” Is it a match made in heaven? We think so! From numerous parks to pet-friendly restaurants and even a pet-friendly dog bakery, you’ll be sure to enjoy a day spent with your furry friend in this historic city.

Chicago, Illinois

Finally, Chicago offers numerous opportunities to be off leash with your dogs. The best part? Both off-leash areas are actually beaches located right on Lake Michigan. Head to Montrose Beach in Uptown if you have a larger dog. Smaller dogs may prefer Lakeview’s Belmont Harbor Beach.

Plan on Sticking Closer to Home? Oklahoma Is Super Pet-Friendly Too

Of course, you don’t have to leave Oklahoma to have a fun-filled road trip with your pet. The Animal Legal Defense Fund has named Oklahoma as #4 on its list of most pet-friendly states. We have a plethora of wide-open spaces unlike many of the more congested states. Furthermore, you may be surprised to learn that there are even numerous dog-friendly restaurants throughout the state — and particularly in the Oklahoma City area. Read our blog post on why Oklahoma is so pet-friendly to learn more, and no matter where you go this summer, bon voyage!

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