Five Benefits Ordinary People are Realizing When They Adopt Senior Pets

Five Benefits Ordinary People are Realizing When They Adopt Senior Pets

There are so many great reasons why you should adopt an older pet during Adopt a Senior Pet Month or any other month. Let’s just look at a few.

1. You Know What You’re Getting.

When you adopt an adult cat or dog, you already know how big they will be. You can see if they are well-trained or have behavioral quirks. Are they good with kids? You’ll have a better overall idea of their health. An older pet either likes you and your family or doesn’t. You’ll know this when you first meet them. And you just may not be able to walk away.

2. They are Probably Trained

Senior pets are more than likely already trained. So you don’t have to spend the time and damaged carpet, mattresses and sofas to train them. If they tended not to use a scratching post (cats) or scratch on door frames (dogs) when they need out, this behavior was likely already corrected. That’s less time chastising and more time loving.

Senior Cat

3. They Can Learn New Tricks

Just like humans benefit from life-long learning, so do animals. They love to learn new things. And are even more willing because their personalities have typically mellowed over time. Even if your new pup wasn’t formally trained to sit, roll over or fetch, if part of your bonding is in training, then you can still enjoy this part of bringing a pet into the family. Older pets have many, many healthy and happy years to run and play with you.

4. “Cuteness” isn’t Reserved for Kittens and Puppies

Adult pets are as fun and cute as their smaller counterparts. Just check out some of the videos online. They never lose those adorable eyes or cheerful expressions when you return home from errands.

Senior Woman With Senior Pet

5. You May Qualify for Senior Discounts

No, not at the grocery store. But shelters want their adult pets to find forever homes, so they often offer discounts for senior pets. If you happen to be a senior who wants to adopt a senior, you may get a discount for that too. Senior pets make incredible companions. Isn’t it time to bring a senior home?

Let Us Help Take Care of Your Senior Pets

Giving a pet a supportive home in their golden years is incredibly kind. We at Sunset Veterinary Clinic want to aid you in helping with your pet needs. From dog vaccinations and cat vaccinations to routine pet exam, we are the pet vet who is here for you.

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