Autumn Pet Hazards

We survived the “dog days of summer”! Autumn for many is a welcome sight but we must keep in mind the potential hazards of cooler weather for our pets. Sunset Veterinary Clinic wants you to remember that dogs and cats are non-verbal communicators and as owners and veterinarians we need to anticipate possible problems they encounter with each season.

Arthritis pain (joint pain) can intensify during the cooler weather. If your pet is slow to rise, limping after a walk, licking their joints or sleeping more than normal, these may be signs of arthritic pain. Pets do not talk to us, they show us in often subtle ways that they are struggling. If you suspect your furry family member is dealing with arthritis pain, Sunset Veterinary Clinic will be happy examine them and help you develop a treatment plan to help alleviate their symptoms.

Did you know that Autumn not only produces allergies for us but also for our pets? Pets live a very “earthy” existence. Imagine someone with allergies to grass, ragweed and pollen crawling on their hands and knees less than 2 feet off the ground? That is how our pets live. If your pet is scratching more than normal or sneezing, you might consider letting us help you help alleviate their symptoms.

During the cool days of Autumn, fleas and ticks will be lurking, waiting to seek out warm blooded hosts. Therefore it is very important to keep flea and tick control measures in force.

Household winter preparations can expose our furry friends to hazards we may not consider. Antifreeze used to winterize cars is highly toxic to our pets and can cause kidney failure and death within hours of ingestion. Mouse bait/pesticides can cause serious conditions if ingested by pets included hemorrhage, kidney failure and death.

If your companion lives outside is important to make certain he or she has adequate shelter, food and water as the seasons change. If they live indoors, please be aware of how long they are allowed outside. Dogs and cats can succumb to hypothermia (low body temperature) which can result in death.

Halloween poses its’ own set of problems for our pets. Candy in the home should be kept out of reach of our pets. Chocolate is toxic to dogs and cats. Hard candy and wrappers can pose potential choking and intestinal blockage dangers. Please do not leave your pets outside during or around Halloween especially black cats. They could fall victim to Halloween pranksters. Halloween decorations often include streamers, cords and lighted Jack O’ Lanterns. All of which can cause serious problems for pets. If your family member is easily agitated please keep in mind the guests for parties and children continuously visiting your front door can be very stressful. Our staff can advise you of how to handle stress in your pet.

We wish you and your family a safe and pleasant Autumn season. Please call or come by Sunset Veterinary Clinic for a visit. We are always happy to help you keep your loved ones safe and healthy.

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