Responsible Dog Ownership Month

Puppy, canine, pooch, doggy, Fido, Lassy – it doesn’t matter what you call your dog. In essence, she is a best friend, a faithful companion and a deserving pet, which is why owning a dog is a responsibility, as well as a privilege. As September is Responsible Dog Ownership Month, it’s the perfect time to

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9 Things My Cat Taught Me About Life

Lessons we’ve learned from living with a cat: Rest Daily – Cats sleep for a whopping 16 hours a day! While we don’t need that much sleep per day, our bodies need daily rest to rejuvenate. Prioritize Grooming – Cats spend 1/3 of their awake time cleaning themselves. Studies show people that are well groomed

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St. Patrick’s Day Photo Booth Finalists

Thank you for participating in the St. Patrick’s Day Photo Booth! We had a lot of furry contestants stop by for their picture and now we’re trying to pick the winner. That’s where you come in! Here are all three finalists. Once you’ve made your choice then click the vote button below. [yop_poll id=”2″]

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