5 Warning Signs Your Pet is in Pain

  Although our beloved pets can’t speak the same verbal languages we humans speak, they can still communicate their feelings in a variety of ways: behavior, physical movement, energy levels and that indefinable heart-to-heart connection we have with our pets. It’s especially important to recognize signs that your pet is in pain so that you

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October 29 is National Cat Day

  National Cat Day started 12 years ago by a lovely human animal welfare advocate, Colleen Paige, to remind everyone that 4 million cats cycle through shelters annually—half of whom meet a sad end. National Cat Day founders want everyone to realize cats are divine creatures with sharp wit and stunning intelligence who improve the

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Dog Safety in the Fall: 7 Essential Tips

  As the weather cools, it’s time for Sunset Veterinary Clinic’s 7 essential dog and puppy safety tips for fall:   1. Watch Your Dog’s Diet   Keep your dog on his or her regular diet—don’t give in to begging for Halloween treats (unless they’re specifically dog-safe) or holiday leftovers. These are often riddled with

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September is National Guide Dog Month

  The veterinarians and staff at Sunset Veterinary Clinic give a special salute to America’s guide dogs, schools, trainers and everybody who supports the work of bringing these brave, intelligent canine companions together with humans who need them.   History   In 2008, Dick Van Patten, the actor who played dad on “Eight is Enough”,

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5 Common Household Pet Dangers to Avoid

  Every year, our Sunset Veterinary Clinic team treats numerous pets who managed to get into something toxic. If you have fur babies, make sure to keep these 5 things far out of reach:   1. Chocolate   For humans, the darker the healthier—for pets, the exact opposite is true! Bakers chocolate, cocoa mulch and

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