Ask the Vet: What Should Be On My New Puppy Checklist

Labrador Retriever Puppy
It can be extremely exciting to have a brand-new puppy bounding around the house! But just remember that being prepared is truly the name of the game when it comes to adopting any new pet.

Below, we’ll go over your “new puppy checklist” — a guide to making sure absolutely everything is in place before your new pup’s adoption day. Let’s get started!

New Puppy Checklist


1. Load up on products and food.

Start your new pet-owner journey with a trip to the pet store. Buy dog food that matches your new dog’s age, breed, and weight. Also pick up a crate and bed if your dog is a new pup and not potty-trained — as well as dog bowls, treats, toys, chewies, and dog gates, if necessary.

2. Get your new dog a license, collar, and tags.

Fido (or Fida!) will need a collage with tags and a proper dog license. Make sure the tags you get your dog have the dog’s name on them (or your name) and your phone number. Some new pet owners also get their dog micro chipped. This is your call, but it could be an invaluable tool if your dog ever were to get lost without their collar.

3. Start training your dog.

Dogs need to start learning about “bathroom rules” right away! It’s in your best interest to start house training immediately, and don’t forget about other commands too: “Come,” “Sit,” “Stay,” and “Fetch,” are just a few to start with!

4. Play together and have “playdates” with other dogs and people.

It’s smart to get your dog accustomed to hanging out with other dogs and people. In a safe environment, expose your dogs to other friendly animals and people. Teach them not to jump and to follow your commands even when there are distractions.

5. Schedule a checkup appointment at Sunset Veterinary Clinic.

Perhaps most important on this list is the first checkup appointment your new pup will have. The highly-skilled and knowledgeable vets at Sunset Veterinary Clinic are here to give your dog a thorough checkup and provide neutering and shots, if necessary.

Contact us today to schedule your dog’s first checkup!

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