What Should Be on My New Kitten Checklist

What Should Be on My New Kitten Checklist

So, you’ve adopted a new, fluffy, adorable kitten — congratulations!

Just remember that pet adoption isn’t only about making space for him on your couch and buying a pack of cat food. There’s a lot of other things that should be on your checklist too!

Below, we go over some of the must-dos for welcoming a new feline friend into your family:

Make Your Kitten Legal

First thing’s first! It’s crucial to get your cat a proper collar with name & phone number plate and a license. You might also consider a microchip for your kitten. If they were to get lost at any time, a microchip would ensure they get home safe, even if they lost their collar.

Stock Up

You’ll need a list of supplies for your new kitten. First is naturally cat food. Find a reputable brand, and go with a version that is appropriate for your cat’s age and weight. Also make sure that your kitten always has fresh water, and a few cat toys and treats will be a good idea to have around too.

Spend Time With Your Kitten

Whereas most dogs will barrel into the house and make themselves right at home immediately, most cats are apprehensive and nervous in any new space. To help with this, make sure you’re spending ample time with your cat. Petting, playing, and just sitting together will help your cat feel more comfortable.

Schedule a Check-up Appointment at Sunset Veterinary Clinic

Last but not least, make sure you have a new pet check-up appointment on the books at Sunset Veterinary Clinic. Your new kitten will need to be examined and may possibly need shots and neutering. Of course, we’re always here to answer your questions too. Schedule your appointment today!

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