A Helpful Guide to Senior Cat Care

A Helpful Guide to Senior Cat Care

Cats generally reach senior age when they are around 10 years old. At this time, it may be suitable to change some of the ways you care for your feline friend.

Let’s go over some top tips for optimal senior cat care.

Keep their mind active.

Regular play with your cat will keep their mind active and alert. If you haven’t invested in any new puzzles or toys for them lately, consider buying a few. Regular interactive activity is a must as your cat ages, especially when you’re away and they’re home alone. Not only does it improve their mental health, but it also helps keep them physically active.

Make helpful alterations around the house.

Older cats often have trouble with arthritis and joint pain, making jumping on countertops and the backs of chairs and couches a thing of the past. To make your cat more comfortable, consider getting a set of cat steps or a ramp for places where they like to lay or sleep (like your bed).

You might also look for a cat litter box that has lower sides so that it’s easier for your cat to go in and out. Lastly, place their litter box and food and water in central locations that don’t involve a lot of steps or stairs.

Senior Cat Care

Alter their diet based on their specific health needs.

Kidney disease, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, mobility issues, and other conditions often affect older cats. Senior cats with chronic diseases can benefit from therapeutic diets to help manage those diseases. For example, cats with kidney disease can benefit from a diet with lower protein, calcium, and phosphorus concentrations.

Cats with mobility issues can benefit from a diet fortified with the omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA as well as glucosamine and chondroitin. Your veterinarian may make a diet recommendation along with prescribing medical therapy after a diagnosis has been made.

Schedule annual veterinarian visits.

At these regular appointments, your vet can assess your cat’s weight, temperature, respiration, oral health, and overall health. Abnormalities will be pinpointed early on for optimal preventive care. Catching illnesses and diseases early on is key to your cat living a long, healthy life.

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