9 Things My Cat Taught Me About Life

10 Things My Cat Taught Me About Life

Lessons we’ve learned from living with a cat:

Rest Daily – Cats sleep for a whopping 16 hours a day! While we don’t need that much sleep per day, our bodies need daily rest to rejuvenate.

Prioritize Grooming – Cats spend 1/3 of their awake time cleaning themselves. Studies show people that are well groomed often earn higher incomes.

Appreciate the Sun – My cat likes to nap in sunny spots. We need the sun for Vitamin D to build strong bones and regulate our immune system. Plus, the warmth is nice!

Purring Attracts Attention – Cats will crawl in your lap and purr to get attention. This works well with spouses too!

Go For It – My cat chases anything including birds that fly and laser lights of no substance. We need to stop limiting ourselves.

Don’t Settle – Cats will often wait a long time before eating something they don’t like. We should all remember the standards we set for ourselves and stick with it.

Don’t Let a Door Close On Your Dreams – Cats can’t handle closed doors. They will persist until you let them in. When we stick to our dreams, eventually the right door will be opened for us too.

Just Say “No” – My cat won’t do anything she doesn’t want to. I have learned to manage my time and say “no” when it’s not a priority.

No Matter the Size of the Fall, You CAN Land on Your Feet – Cats land on their feet because of special balance organs in their inner ear, but we as humans land on our feet after setbacks because we are resilient. We should never underestimate ourselves!

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