88 Dogs You Need to Follow on Instagram

Studio Portrait of a Senior Man and His Basset Hound


Are you a social media fiend? Do you love cute dogs and awesome photography? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then this is the list for you! If you answered no, we can only assume that you don’t know how to use the internet. How are you even reading this?

We at Sunset Veterinary Clinic have scoured the depths of dog-ran Instagram accounts to bring you the most definitive “must-follow” list on the web. From most to least followers, check out the 88 dogs on Instagram that you need to follow. Word of advice: Don’t get discouraged when you realize that there are 88 dogs (and probably more) that have more Instagram friends than you do.


1) Dogs of Instagram

Dogs of Instagram

Instagram Bio: “Bringing together the dogs of Instagram. Email a pic to [email protected]. Enjoy the cuteness!”

Followers: 1.9m

Link: https://instagram.com/dogsofinstagram/


2) Marutaro

marutaro instagram dog

Instagram Bio: “My name is Maru. Breed of shiba. Born in 2007 Oct 20.”

Followers: 1.8m

Link: https://instagram.com/marutaro


3) Marnie the Dog

marnie the dog

Instagram Bio: “12 year old NYC Shih Tzu adopted from a shelter as a senior lady. I love walking & parties. H8 being alone. Adopt senior dogs.”

Followers: 1.6m

Link: https://instagram.com/marniethedog/?hl=en


4) Tuna

tuna the dog, tuna melts my heart instagram

Instagram Bio: “{breed:chiweenie} If you could use a little bit of joy and laughter, you’ve come to the right place!”

Followers: 1.4m

Link: https://instagram.com/tunameltsmyheart/


5) Jiff

jiffpom instagram

Instagram Bio: “Snapchat – jiffpom. Guinness World Records.”

Followers: 1.4m

Link: https://instagram.com/jiffpom/


6) Theron Humphrey (@thiswildidea)

this wild idea, theron humphrey

Instagram Bio: “There’s infinite grace.”

Followers: 924K

Link: https://instagram.com/thiswildidea/


7) Manny the Frenchie

manny the frenchie

Instagram Bio: “I am a 4 year old philanthropist frenchie from Chicago who loves to make new friends and give back to charity.”

Followers: 770K

Link: https://instagram.com/manny_the_frenchie


8) Ayasakai

ayasakai instagram

Instagram Bio: “Roche: Muu: Tasuku: Setsu: From Tokyo”

Followers: 601K

Link: https://instagram.com/ayasakai


9) Buddy Boo Blue

boo the dog, buddyboowaggytails

Instagram Bio: “Buddy, Boo, & Blue take on the world! We are here to smother all with cuddles and kisses!”

Followers: 591K

Link: https://instagram.com/buddyboowaggytails/


10) Barkley The Pom

barkley the pom

Instagram Bio: “All 4lbs of me. HPx360 commercial, Meghan Trainor’s ‘Lips Are Movin’, AEO giftcards & more. Naples, FL.”

Followers: 451K

Link: https://instagram.com/barkleythepom/


11) Doug the Pug

doug the pug

Instagram Bio: “King of Pop Culture. Nashville, TN.”

Followers: 423K

Link: https://instagram.com/itsdougthepug/


12) Andrew Knapp (Momo)

andrew knapp, momo the dog

Instagram Bio: “Start something, begin anywhere. Meet Momo on tour & get our book!”

Followers: 407K

Link: https://instagram.com/andrewknapp


13) Norman & Bambi

norman and bambi jenner

Instagram Bio: N/A

Followers: 386K

Link: https://instagram.com/normieandbambijenner/


14)  Sir Charles Barkley

Sir Charles Barkley the dog

Instagram Bio: “French Bulldog. DOB 5/7/12. Seattle.”

Followers: 378K

Link: https://instagram.com/barkleysircharles/


15) Dougie the Shih Tzu

dougie the shih tzu

Instagram Bio: “Bay Area.”

Followers: 372K

Link: https://instagram.com/dailydougie/


16) Ginny

ginny jack russell terrier

Instagram Bio: “Ginny is a Jack Russell from the UK! She loves treats, hugs & naps. Support your local animal shelters & ADOPT, don’t shop!”

Followers: 331K

Link: https://instagram.com/ginny_jrt/


17) Rafael Mantesso (Jimmy the Bull)

rafael mantesso, jimmy the bull

Instagram Bio: “Visual artist.”

Followers: 313K

Link: “https://instagram.com/rafaelmantesso/


18) Jeremy Veach (Norm)

jeremy veach, norm the pug

Instagram Bio: “The dress is blue.”

Followers: 304K

Link: https://instagram.com/JERMZLEE/


19) Digby & Aloysius Van Winkle

digby and aloysius van winkle

Instagram Bio: “Digby and Alo – Griffons from Wellington, NZ. Digby was born 7/27/2011. Alo 3/27/2013.”

Followers: 299K

Link: https://instagram.com/digbyvanwinkle/


20) Toast Meets World

toast meets world

Instagram Bio: “Toast is King Charles puppymill rescue, Model and dog of @thefatjewish. She has no teeth like a cute hobo.”

Followers: 277K

Link: https://instagram.com/toastmeetsworld/


21) Trotter

trotter pup on instagram

Instagram Bio: “Fat & sassy. Ms. Piggy is my spirit animal. French Bulldog | San Francisco.”

Followers: 209K

Link: https://instagram.com/trotterpup


22) Menswear Dog

menswear dog

Instagram Bio: “The Most Stylish Dog in the World.”

Followers: 206K

Link: https://instagram.com/mensweardog/


23) Dada

dada the dog

Instagram Bio: “A Little Happiness.”

Followers: 168K

Link: https://instagram.com/dog_dada/


24) Neville Jacobs

neville jacobs

Instagram Bio: “I’m Marc’s dog.”

Followers: 147K

Link: https://instagram.com/nevillejacobs/


25) Miss Asia Kinney

miss asia kinney

Instagram Bio: N/A — Lady Gaga’s Dog.

Followers: 144K

Link: https://instagram.com/missasiakinney/


26) Riley, The Spokesdoggy

riley the spokesdoggy

Instagram Bio: “Le French Canadian pooch. #chronicwarrior”

Followers: 139K

Link: https://instagram.com/ichaity/


27) Diva & Diamond

diva and diamond starr

Instagram Bio: “Hi, we’re best friends! The fiercest dogs on Instagram!”

Followers: 131K

Link: https://instagram.com/diva_diamond/


28) Yogurt the Pirate Dog

yogurt the pirate dog

Instagram Bio: “Chihuahua/Female/8 years old/one eye/full of happiness/Thailand”

Followers: 117K

Link: https://instagram.com/yogurt_thepirate/


29) Uminoriharu

uminoriharu dog

Instagram Bio: “Waking or sleeping, I’m thinking about SANA all the time.”

Followers: 111K

Link: https://instagram.com/UMINORIHARU/


30) Norbert


Instagram Bio: “I’m a 3-lb registered therapy dog, children’s book author & philanthropist. I also give pretty good high-fives.”

Followers: 101K

Link: https://instagram.com/norbertthedog/


31) Leroy Milo Brown

leroy milo brown

Instagram Bio: “Good boy, Leroy.”

Followers: 80.5K

Link: https://instagram.com/lifewithleroy/


32) Cookie

fluff the dog, ps.ny instagram

Instagram Bio: “Cookie + Lara, Russian/German based in NYC”

Followers: 79.6K

Link: https://instagram.com/ps.ny/


33) Tania Ahsan (Maya the Bulldog)

Maya the bulldog, Maya on the move

Instagram Bio: “Maya the bulldog’s adventures in New York.”

Followers: 76.1K

Link: https://instagram.com/MAYA_ON_THE_MOVE/


34) Josh Reyes & Sonny Ray The Dog

sonny ray the dog

Instagram Bio: N/A

Followers: 71.3K

Link: https://instagram.com/dogumantry/


35) Jazzy & Cooper

Jazzy and Cooper


Instagram Bio: “#GreyIsBeautiful – Dogs are for life”

Followers: 65.3K

Link: https://instagram.com/bordernerd/


36) Deaner

dean the basset

Instagram Bio: “Born February 2014, living in Toronto, Canada. Follow the floppy adventures of Dean!”

Followers: 60.6K

Link: https://instagram.com/deanthebasset/


37) Balki Bones

Balki Bones

Instagram Bio: “3-Legged Havanese”

Followers: 60.4K

Link: https://instagram.com/balkibones/


38) Samson The Goldendoodle

samson the goldendoodle

Instagram Bio: “DOB 1/23/14 | Ontario, CAN”

Followers: 58.6K

Link: https://instagram.com/samsonthedood/


39) Gracie And Friends

gracie and friends

Instagram Bio: “Career changed service dog Gracie, Monty the GRT pup and Lincoln & Millie, resuced. Ontario, Canada”

Followers: 56.5K

Link: https://instagram.com/graciethelabrador/


40) Otis Barkington

otis barkington

Instagram Bio: “Boston Terrier. Part dog. Part seal. All hip.”

Followers: 55.5K

Link: https://instagram.com/otisbarkington/


41) Kingsley and Sailor

kingsley and sailor

Instagram Bio: “Blenheim Cavalier king charles spaniels. Living the dream in the OC. Follow our adventures!”

Followers: 53.5K

Link: https://instagram.com/kingsleyandsailor


42) Emily McCracken (Mutt Adventures)

mutt adventures instagram

Instagram Bio: “3 mutts & a bully.”

Followers: 53.2K

Link: https://instagram.com/muttadventures/


43) Ramsey

ramsey the blue staffy

Instagram Bio: “Blue ‘Staffordshire Bull Terrier’ from England.”

Followers: 52.4K

Link: https://instagram.com/bluestaffy/


44) Biggie Griffon (Tofu)

biggie griffon

Instagram Bio: “Tofu aka Betty White aka The H.B.I.C & Biggie Smalls the Notorious D.O.G.”

Followers: 51.3K

Link: https://instagram.com/biggie_griffon/


45) Rene-Charles

rene-charles NYC

Instagram Bio: “Flawless frenchie | nyc”

Followers: 50.9K

Link: https://instagram.com/renecharlesnyc


46) Princess Paris Jr.

princess paris jr.

Instagram Bio: N/A

Followers: 48.2K

Link: https://instagram.com/princess_paris_jr_the_pom/


47) Beta

dear beta

Instagram Bio: “Beta | Frenchie | London”

Followers: 47.8K

Link: https://instagram.com/dearbeta/


48) Corgnelius & Stumphrey

corgnelius and stumphrey

Instagram Bio: “Corgi and Stump Stump, two corgi brothers who reside in Los Angeles, CA.”

Followers: 45.2K

Link: https://instagram.com/corgnelius/


49) Annie & Paddington

paddington shar pei

Instagram Bio: “Girl from Australia | Shar pei from outta space | best mates!”

Followers: 41.3K

Link: https://instagram.com/anniepaddington/


50) Charlie

charlie, choo choo charlies

Instagram Bio: “(American) French Bulldog. My best friend is @nevillejacobs and my city is New York.”

Followers: 41.2K

Link: https://instagram.com/choochoocharlies


51) Milo Meets World

milo meets world

Instagram Bio: “Toronto | 3 yr old Maltese”

Followers: 40.4K

Link: https://instagram.com/milomeetsworld/


52) Tinkerbelle The Dog

tinkerbelle the dog

Instagram Bio: “Lil rescue dog living the dream in NYC.”

Followers: 31.2K

Link: https://instagram.com/tinkerbellethedog/


53) Tusk the Dog

tusk the dog

Instagram Bio: “Rescued from the streets of LA with 1 tooth. She is all natural…part glamour, part Tomboy.”

Followers: 23.7K

Link: https://instagram.com/tuskthedog/


54) Rich Dogs of Instagram

rich dogs of instagram

Instagram Bio: “These dogs have more money than you and this what they do.”

Followers: 23.4K

Link: https://instagram.com/richdogsofig/


55) Jack Pug

jack the pug

Instagram Bio: “The adventures of a one eyed pug.”

Followers: 22.9K

Link: https://instagram.com/PIRATEPUGJACK/


56) Shunsuke


Instagram Bio: “I am a loyal fan of Shun! Shun is a famous Pom in Japan.”

Followers: 19.1K

Link: https://instagram.com/shunsuke_ekusnuhs


57) Cayenne

cayenne the dog

Instagram Bio: “The Australian Shepherd show | Co-starring: Brother, the Black Tri and Mackey, the wrong color Boston Terrier.”

Followers: 17.7K

Link: https://instagram.com/cayenneiam/


58) Tron the Dog

tron the dog

Instagram Bio: “Hi I’m Tron, a Frenchie in SF, CA. I love food, my ball, and Barkbox!”

Followers: 17.5K

Link: https://instagram.com/tronthedog/


59) Lucielle Bull

lucielle bull

Instagram Bio: “Lucy’s favorite food is that Popsicle candy that’s watermelon flavored with chili on it (fyi).”

Followers: 17K

Link: https://instagram.com/lucyfarted/


60) Oliver The Fox

oliver the fox

Instagram Bio: N/A

Followers: 16.7K

Link: https://instagram.com/oliverthefox


61) Country Girl Cricket

Cricket the border collie

Instagram Bio: “I’m “Cricket” a 2yr. girl Bordercollie. My stomping grounds are in Wisconsin, USA.”

Followers: 14.6K

Link: https://instagram.com/evys_mom/


62) Dagger Cannonball Thunderfang

dagger cannonball thunderfang

Instagram Bio: “Pom/Fox”

Followers: 13.9K

Link: https://instagram.com/dagger


63) Whiskey The Aussie

whiskey the aussie

Instagram Bio: “Fluffy | Happy | Aussie”

Followers: 13.6K

Link: https://instagram.com/whiskey_theaussie/


64) Perrin – An Eskie in New England

perrin, an eskie in new england

Instagram Bio: “Made of fluff – paper shredder – wiggle bum.”

Followers: 13.5K

Link: https://instagram.com/perrin_americaneskimo/


65) Murphy, Angel & Juliet

murphy, angel, and juliet

Instagram Bio: “Fun. Joy. Sass. Love.”

Followers: 12K

Link: https://instagram.com/murphandangel/


66) Liger The Great

liger the great

Instagram Bio: “NYC dog about town and country squire – bred for his skills in magic…forced to share IG with Cornelius the Lesser. We’re both Great Pyrenees.”

Followers: 11.8K

Link: https://instagram.com/ligerthegreat


67) Scruffy

scruffy in seattle

Instagram Bio: “Poodle mix: LhasaApso & Poodle | I’m 5 years old | Smiles are free so give ‘em away!”

Followers: 11.5K

Link: https://instagram.com/scruffy_in_seattle/


68) Otter the Pit Bull

otter the pit bull

Instagram Bio: “A fashionable, ridiculous, rescued pittie from Philly. Every day is the best day ever!”

Followers: 11K

Link: https://instagram.com/otterthepitbull/


69) Pino

pino the toy poodle, mihonogi

Instagram Bio: “Pino is a Toy poodle. Girl. 3 years old. She loves eating and running on the grass!”

Followers: 10.5K

Link: https://instagram.com/mihonogi/


70) Rambo The Puppy

rambo the puppy

Instagram Bio: “Likes to dig holes, sniff smells & be a good dog.”

Followers: 10.4K

Link: https://instagram.com/rambothepuppy/


71) Kayla and Pack

kayla and pack instagram

Instagram Bio: “6 misfit pups living the life! Sam (7), JJ+Lady (6), Charlie (2), Emma(2), EllaMay (-1), +5 Chiweenie bottlebabies.”

Followers: 8,854

Link: https://instagram.com/artisticvoid/


72) Logan’s Look

logan's look

Instagram Bio: “Toronto-based toy poodle & gentlepup.”

Followers: 8,679

Link: https://instagram.com/loganslook/


73) Sebastian & Luna 

Sebastian Loves Luna Instagram

Instagram Bio: “From the Nation’s Capital. Our mission is to be able to give back to street & shelter dogs. Sebashy: 2/16/14. Luna: 1/20/14.”

Followers: 8,398

Link: https://instagram.com/sebastianlovesluna/


74) Bailey the Alaskan Klee Kai 

Bailey the Alaskan Klee Kai

Instagram Bio: “Just itty bitty livin’ in sin city. Toy size female, 7.5 lbs and 11.5” tall.”

Followers: 8,196

Link: https://instagram.com/baileytheakk/


75) Niner 

Jaymi Heimbuch Instagram, Niner the Dog

Instagram Bio: “Rescue mutt extraordinaire + Jaymi, his camera-carrying human.”

Followers: 7,930

Link: https://instagram.com/jaymiheimbuch/


76) Brie 

Bonjour Brie Instagram, Brie the dog

Instagram Bio: “I may have two dads but I’m the Queen of this castle.”

Followers: 6,216

Link: https://instagram.com/bonjourbrie/


77) Auggie D 

Auggie D, Auggnatious Instagram

Instagram Bio: “Auggie is my rescue mutt living in NJ. The World is his Playground and Life is his Adventure.”

Followers: 5,516

Link: https://instagram.com/auggnatious/


78) Krysta vs. Dogs

Krysta vs. Dogs Instagram, Twopinktoes

Instagram Bio: “Washington | A mutt for every day of the week. | Loki, Otsu, Emris, Isi & Rohn too.”

Followers: 4,833

Link: https://instagram.com/twopinktoes/


79) Andrew 

Andrew the Red Toy Poodle

Instagram Bio: “Hello! I’m a Red Toy Poodle.”

Followers: 4,649

Link: https://instagram.com/andrew_icant/


80) Bentley 

Bentley the Pom

Instagram Bio: “I’m a tiny 3lb cream puff pom living the life in NYC!”

Followers: 4,060

Link: https://instagram.com/bentleypom/


81) Francoise aka Frankie 

Francoise aka Frankie the pug

Instagram Bio: “Petite Pug. Fashionista. Bon Vivant. I love to travel with my mommy.”

Followers: 3,506

Link: https://instagram.com/petitepug


82) Banks & Harry Havins 

Banks & Harry Havins

Instagram Bio: “Dallas based puppy brothers living with our parents.”

Followers: 2,997

Link: https://instagram.com/banksandharry/


83) Milou

hey milou instagram

Instagram Bio: “Icelandic sheepdog | 4 years old | From Sweden”

Followers: 2,563

Link: https://instagram.com/heymilou/


84) Bella The Dog 

Bella the dog

Instagram Bio: “This is Bella. A Chihuahua, Maltese, Jack Russell, Lhasa Apso, Pekingese mix. She has a crazy obsession with chicken.”

Followers: 2,470

Link: https://instagram.com/bellathedogg/


85) And then there’s Maude

 and then there's maude instagram

Instagram Bio: “You found me! A French Bulldog living in NYC!”

Followers: 2,252

Link: https://instagram.com/andthentheresmaude/


86) The Biscuit

Meet The Biscuit Instagram, Biscuit the dog

Instagram Bio: “I am The Biscuit, a 6-pound, toothless, puppy-mill-rescued Pomeranian. I’m about 13 years old, a girl, and I do cute things.”

Followers: 1,672

Link: https://instagram.com/meetthebiscuit/


87) Lola Beyonce

lola beyonce  

Instagram Bio: “Cutest. Thing. Ever. Running the streets of NYC with my newly adopted sister Suzy Q Solange!”

Followers: 1,383

Link: https://instagram.com/lolabeyonce/


88) Pizza the Pomeranian

pizza the pomeranian  

Instagram Bio: N/A

Followers: 1,279

Link: https://instagram.com/pizzathepom/


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