7 Must-Have Gifts for Animal Lovers

Christmas is just around the corner, which means it’s time to fill up the stockings with treats for your favorite friends – both the human ones and your favorite furry buddies. We reached out to Oklahoman artists, bakers, and shop owners to find out their best-selling gifts and treats this Christmas season. If you’re still trying to find a gift for that one friend who loves animals more than they love people, shop local this season and check out our seven favorite gifts for animal lovers.

  1. Custom Jewelry from Too Stamping Cute

    Moore, Oklahoma

Custom Jewelry from Too Stamping Cute

Treat your loved one to a stylish piece of jewelry, perfect for celebrating a pet they’ve adopted, remembering a pet they’ve lost, or simply to show their love of all things fuzzy and sweet – these customizable necklaces make the perfect gift. According to shop owner Jessica, “The most popular pet item right now is the rescue ornament (pictured above in top right corner.) It reads, ‘I thought I rescued my dog, but my dog rescued me.’”

When asked why she loves operating a shop in Oklahoma, it’s clear to see this local shop owner has a heart of gold.

“My favorite part about having a shop in Oklahoma is the people. Whether it is at a show or someone ordering from me online, I have had the best experiences with everyone. I feel really blessed to be able to be a part of something in someone’s life. From weddings to losing a member of their family, it will always be an experience I hold close to my heart.”

  1. Personalized Dog Bone Ornaments by PathwaysOK

    Tulsa, Oklahoma

Personalized Dog Bone Ornaments by PathwaysOK

If you love supporting local causes while also getting your Christmas shopping done, PathwaysOK sells personalized dog bones that can be used as ornaments or name plates.

“Our artists with developmental disabilities love animals and animals love them. It is such a natural fit to create handmade products to show our love for animals.”

  1. Smiley Cat Artwork from Blue Tree Studio Arts

    Oologah, Oklahoma

Smiley Cat Artwork from Blue Tree Studio Arts

Do smiling cats and dogs make you happy? Are you human? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then these cheerful items are sure to brighten your day! The most popular item sold by shop owner Michelle is anything with her Smiley Cat design on the item.

“People tell me they place the print in places where they can use a little pick-me-up. One client has a Smiley Cat print hanging in her bathroom so the first thing she sees in the morning is a smiling face. Another has a huge throw pillow on her sofa that she likes to cuddle up with when she has had a hard day.”

If you like smiling cats and dogs and want to give some cheer this season, this is the gift to give.

  1. Dog Sillhouette from Madison Drive Designs

    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Pug Sillhouette from Madison Drive Designs

Do you have a family member obsessed with Chihuahuas? What about that friend who won’t leave home without her Dachshund? These pet silhouettes make the perfect gift for your pet-loving but hard-to-shop-for friend. You get to select the color, dog breed, name, and a line of personalization if you’d like. The creator behind the shop, Jackie, says that the Pug silhouette is definitely the most popular design.

“I originally designed it for our family Pug, Rascal. It has become even more special to me since he passed away this last year. This is our first Christmas without him in 13 years, so it is bittersweet. We do have a cat that we rescued as a kitten this last June. The house just wasn’t the same without a pet. A pet just adds such personality to a home. For Christmas, she is getting a scratching post with room for her to lay on and watch the birds outside.”

  1. Personalized Pet Christmas Ornament by artLaBeau

    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Personalized Pet Christmas Ornament by artLaBeau

Looking for an extra special personalize gift for your favorite pet lover? Lauren of Oklahoma City designs these lovely custom-created pieces of art. With three rescue dogs of her own, this local shop owner loves getting to touch people’s lives by painting their beloved pets. So what is her top selling piece?

“During the holidays, my most popular item is the personalized pet Christmas ornament. Throughout the rest of the year, I sell 6×6 ink and watercolor pet portraits quite often. It’s most popular with Instagram users since it’s a square portrait!”

  1. Dog Art by Glenda Harlan

    Mannford, Oklahoma

Dog Art by Glenda Harlan

Give your favorite animal lovers a piece of dog art this season, created by local artist Glenda Harlan.

“My pendants and earrings are the most popular. I do have a relatively new product – my metal card cases – and my customers love them because they hold credit cards, business cards, and a little money. In terms of popular breeds and designs, I sell a lot of Border Collies, Shelties, Pembroke Corgis, Papillons, and Pugs. My paw prints also sell very well because they are great generic gifts.”

  1. Personalized Rock from RocksOK

    Lexington, Oklahoma

Personalized Rock from RocksOK

For that one hard-to-shop for friend, we’re almost positive you haven’t thought of a hand-painted river rock! These beautiful designs are custom-painted by local Oklahoma artist, Mattie, who loves getting to meet new people and make new friends through her art. One of the most popular pet-themed items are commissions from people whose pets have passed away and they want memorial rocks, followed by generic dog or cat breed designs.


If you’re still looking for the perfect gift for your pet, don’t forget to check out our top “10 Must-Have Gifts for Pets” this holiday season!

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